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Simon Says is Alive and Kicking!

Simon Says is Alive and Kicking You must be thinking now that Simon Says really is a swell creature, and you're right. You probably want to meet him, talk to him, listen to him as he speaks words of wisdom. Well, he's not the all mighty, but chances are you meet him on the Web one day. If you're too impatient, and he knows your time is valuable too, you can ask for a meeting. His time might be a bit limited though, but he's always there to put his editorial work aside for a few minutes to shine a little light on you. 

You will have to meet him halfway, though. Simon Says is mostly seen in his birthplace : Active Worlds of COF. 

This virtual universe is accessible to you too. Meet Simon Says there and get a richer life.

Only thing he can advise you right now is to download the Active Worlds browser from the Active Worlds home page and enjoy the presence of the most enjoyable character in CyberSpace.

Simon Says : Get a Virtual Life !

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