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What will become of Simon Says? Actually nobody knows. There's no plan and there's no purpose, other than the purpose we all give to our Real Life. Since CyberSpace is the mirror of RL, Simon will surely die one day. In the meantime he's prepared to give your Web-strolls a little colour, some flavour and certainly some sense.

Potential Milestones and Deadlines

  • By january 1st, 1999 : At least 100 different Netizens on his online contact lists. Last time there was a count (september, 20 1998) he had a total of 144 contacts, already...... And that was only because some of the contact lists are limited.....
  • By midst 1999 : have virtual property in at least three environments. As I type this now (december, 12 1998) he actually has changed his ambitions a bit. Since he's the editor of the Active Worlds Watch on Sunday, property doesn't mean that much to him. There might be some surprises, though..... but you'll read all about that in AWWoS.  So, that mile-stone is erased from his agenda. 
  • By end 1999 : At least have online contact with 300 different Netizens
  • By the end of the century (and people, 2000 is the last year of this one) one of Simons achievements in a hard copy publication (not just a reference).
Anyway, don't hold it against Simon if doesn't reach one or more of these goals. It's probably because along the way he was held up by one or more of you. But he doesn't care. 

"Time is the one thing we cannot control, aren't we lucky?"

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