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Simon Says , life and times Simon Says was born in Active Worlds on March 21st 1998. But in the first few weeks of his existence he was known under many different names : 
The first was : eai , a somewhat mysterious combination of vowels that means something to only a handful of real people.
A few days later, Simon chose to walk thru Virtual Life under the name of Frost. This was just a brief stage of "playing the Cool Dude". Looking back, Simon Says : "I've never wanted to present myself as cold hearted Cyber macho who doesn't care. Lucky for me, I realised I had to dump this name. It was a period of a lot of doubts, and dark visions. I was reading Edgar Allen Poe, by that time, so my next name was rather easily chosen". 
That name was Poe, and for the first time, Simon Says felt a little more comfy with his name. It showed the world something of his deepest fears and needs. He felt intellectually united with one of his favourite writers.
But there was something missing in Simon Says' virtual life. After he gave it some thought he jumped up and saw the light. Since he was only a tourist, yet, he felt empty..... he immigrated in Active worlds and became a citizen. Although he wanted everyone to know that he had been calling himself all those different names, he took Simon Says as name.
Since that day Simon didn't really change his name, and if he did it was for just a brief period of time to stress on his activities. Some of these activities were very prozaic, other were of a poetic kind. You want examples? Simon has been drinking, singing, building, sleeping, exploding and tickling. After some of these activities Simon expressed with his names the state he was in : scattered around after exploding : Simons Pieces or after he had been drinking, Simon wasn't himself but Simons Hangover .

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