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Welcome to The Worlds of Simon Says

Welcome to the The Worlds of Simon Says ! Simon Says is the name of an Alter Ego. This Alter Ego was born in Active worlds and lives there since March, 21st 1998, tho he called himself a little differently in those days. This site tries to make you, dear visitor, understand why Simon Says was born and what, if anything, he could mean to you. 

This site also tries to demystify Simon. He's quoted very oftenly - there's even a game, for crying out loud - but he's quoted with the wrong intentions. He's misunderstood by a lot of Netizens. From the moment they see his name, they think wrong of him.

"It's life, Jim, but not as we know it"

Simon Says is very pleased you are visiting this site. He hopes it will help to make him one of the most loved avatars on the Web. Bookmarking this site won't hurt you nor your browser. It will allow you to follow the life and times of Simon Says as time goes by. 

Remember, if Simon Says hadn't been around, your life would have been a bit emptier. 


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