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About Simon Says Simon Says lives and predates on the Web. He runs for every virtual environment he can find and explores it with a never ending curiosity to what other lifeforms on the Web do. He comes to talk to you when you least expect it, he listens to your reactions and lives on that. Simon Says - like his name suggests - runs on communication. He gets his kicks from nonsense, grows when he hears a friendly word, gets sick of foul language and measures your contribution to worldwide communication. 

Is Simon Says actually visible? Yes, he is. But he changes all the time. He simply comes in different avatars, depending of his mood, the environment or his status there. 
He can even look different from one second to another. 
There's even more to this than meets the eye. Simon is actually the Webbish side of a real person, who's name will not be revealed here. Simon is sure that you can find it yourself, if you want to.

Check out the past, present and future pages for an historical overview of Simons Virtual Life and Times.

And before you think all he does is chat and play,  you better hurry to read   "The Active Worlds Watch on Sunday"

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