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The Trouble with (Dirty) Harry.

 Reports, chatlogs, reactions and comments Well, it's been quiet a week in America (the AW-world).There's been a lot of commotion in the awcommunity newsgroup, the owners of America have sent e-mails and telegrams to a lot of people and to our offices. This article will probably be the last on this issue. At AWWoS we think that the whole issue has had enough attention. Before smashing the material on the table, we would like to state a few things that might help put this article in its perspective. 
Some of you who read the newsgroup will probably have noticed some postings from Simon Says. One of them said we weren't gonna publish the documentation, except for Jetta's letter. Right after that, we experienced some strange coincidences which might just be that. But, as one of the chatlogs will show, we were forced to re-evaluate our point of view and we did. The chatlogs in here will be completely unedited. We didn't even change names in the texts. Since we were accused of publishing edited chatlogs, that will be the consequence. We apologize for any inconvenience this might inflict on innocent ppl but we can't be held liable for any damage whatsoever. The conversation in a world open to the public, is public. 
Now all the owners of America are aware of the problems there. They got all the documentation. Maybe now this will be cleared up. 
The material below will be presented "as is". The way things are now, it seems that not only Jetta Lewis, but also Gineric have taken action. At least that's what their posting in awcommunity says. In that posting is stated clearly how to react in case of power abuse by any empowered citizen in America. So don't read this article only, take a look in the newsgroup too.

And for those who might think that this was fun for AWWoS, we can assure you that we know better ways to spend our time. Anyway, if we even helped a little bit to solve this problem, it was worth the effort. Further more, we would like the America world to stay and help to build this community. You could say we just tried to help to get rid of some dirty spots. 

First we would like to print a letter from Jetta, before you go read the chatlogs that are long and boring...... 

Letter from Jetta Lewis, received on monday oct 12. 

Hi, I am one of the owners of the world America.  I would like to say at 
the outset that I was not aware of an ejection problem till I recieved an 
email notifiying me.  I spoke to one of the parties involved and assumed 
that the problem was solved.  At that time I thought it was a personality 
clash  between two people and was not aware of a series of ejections. 

We have a lot of familys coming into America to build as a group. 
Mother,father, daughter and son combinations.  Our youngest builder, that I 
know of, is only 9 years old.  Realizing that we have a lot of children 
coming in, we dont put up with a lot of cursing and vulgar activity. 

Our policy regarding ejections is that personal feelings do not enter into 
the picture.  The only acceptable grounds for ejection are cursing, not 
just a hell or damn, but vicious cursing.  Having a vulgar name,and we do 
get some pretty vulgar names. Using racial epitaths and requesting virtual 
sex.  For my part if people want to call each other jerks and idiots and 
generally run each other down, that is ok by me. In otherwords if two 
people have an argument, that is their problem. 
Unfortunately, we have had some AB's to go too far and used eject for 
personal reasons.  This is stopped as of now.  Eject has been removed from 
America until each and every person has a clear understanding of the 
process. Also a chat log of any ejection will have to be kept and each 
ejection will have to be explained and justified. Any person who has been 
ejected will have the right to protest and have the ejection explained. 

First time ejections will be for a 5 min maximum after a clear warning. 
Subsequent ejections for the same person will be for longer periods of 
time, but with the protest capability intact. 

We have spent a great deal of time and money to create America and to allow 
building with the largest number of original objects in AW.  I am not 
prepaired to sit by and watch one or two people wreck two years of work. 
So, at this time I would like to extend my apologies to anyone unjustly 
ejected and you are welcome in America at any time. WITHOUT FEAR OF 
Thanks, Jetta lewis 
Telegrams received from Gineric on Friday oct. 16.

Telegram from Gineric, sent vr okt 16, 1998 1:09: 
yes.. send it to   What letter from  Jetta are you referring to?? 
And  when did this occur?

Telegram from Gineric, sent vr okt 16, 1998 1:10: 
We are also are in the process of laying out a new ejection policy to prevent these 
problems from happening in the future :-) they will be on the AB link on Americas Home page

Telegram from Gineric, sent vr okt 16, 1998 1:17: 
Ok. I better go read it. Jetta is coowner of America with us. Gineric is 2 ppl btw, 
husband and wife.  We have been writing our policies but it seems Jetta has been active 
too :)  We will discuss this...thanks :)

First Chatlog : (log by Simon Says, oct. 8, around 1:30 am CET) 

Second Chatlog : (log by Simon Says, oct. 8, around 2:00 am CET) 
Third Chatlog : (log by Simon Says, oct. 8, around 3:00 am CET) 

Fourth Chatlog : (log by Simon Says, oct. 9, around 11:00 PM CET) 
+ Fifth Chatlog : (log by Simon Says, oct. 14, around 1:30 PM CET) 

Sixth Chatlog : (log by Very Naughty MG) 

                                             Simon Says
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