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The Trouble with (Dirty) Harry.

 Reports, chatlogs, reactions and comments Third Chatlog : (log by Simon Says, oct. 8, around 3:00 am CET) 

Serendipitous: Simon...I have to pop over to America and *observe* Myserterious starting a war :))) 
Serendipitous: LOLLLLL....nawwww.....if I go...I'll pay myself :)))) 
Simon Says: no she isn' the next issue of AWWos... 
Serendipitous: the area we are moving to has the *highest* housing prices in Canada 
Simon Says: the AC or AB in America are kids 
Serendipitous: really? 
Simon Says: was ejected yesterday...for asking what were the criteria to select pk's over there.... 
Serendipitous: well apparentally NYGiants and Lady Moonstar are giving her a hard time...they aren't kids...I've met them 
Serendipitous: they also are the only people who *complained* about The REunion in Las Vegas 
Serendipitous: come to America with Simon..... 
Serendipitous: poooooof 
Simon Says: ok :)) 
Immigration Officer: Welcome to America, the largest personal world on the net.  We presently have 16,400 objects to build with and 80 avatars.  Have fun.  (one lot per builder) 
"NYCPrince": like in the tri state area 
"Mulder": DARLA?! 
"NYCPrince": where you from ? 
Serendipitous: what are the tri states again?  that's 
"NYCPrince": ny, nj and conn 
"Mulder": bye 
"NYCPrince": u there ? 
"Bikerman": hi all... 
"Mr Poopy Pants": tri states?  like bi states? 
Simon Says: hi good ppl of america....wanna hi you all before getting 
"Mr Poopy Pants": i like a good ejection 
Serendipitous: MG? 
Serendipitous: Simon? 
"Mr Poopy Pants": i usually wake up with one in the morning. 
Simon Says: serendip :))  
Serendipitous: I'm not bi.....I'm straight les 
Very Naughty MG: isn't it a beautiful morning????? 
Very Naughty MG: TC!!!!!!!!!! 
Very Naughty MG: Simon..babe :o) 
Serendipitous: (nothing I say is please humour me) 
Simon Says: VNMG:)) *hugs* 
"Bikerman": were is my bike............ 
Serendipitous: it's a lovely morning you know my good friend Mr. Poopy Pants?  and the dear sweet Simon!!!! 
Serendipitous: or are we sharing *him* too? 
Serendipitous: isn't group cs wonderful? 
Very Naughty MG: Yo Poppy :o) 
"Mr Poopy Pants": wow, my pants are tight 
Serendipitous: I thought that bulge looked a bit conspicuous Poopy 
Simon Says: who's gonna share me? :)) lol 
"Mr Poopy Pants": hi naught 
Serendipitous: which end you want MG? 
Very Naughty MG: me MG :o)) 
"Mr Poopy Pants": ok, mg 
Very Naughty MG: :o) 
"Mr Poopy Pants": call me ben 
Serendipitous: ben poopying your pants? 
"Mr Poopy Pants": ben dovre 
Serendipitous: is there no *law* in these parts? 
Simon Says: it's quiet here.....quiet before the 
Very Naughty MG: ben.......????????? 
Serendipitous: and do what? 
Very Naughty MG: Benjamin ??? 
Serendipitous: can they eject simultaneously in here? 
"Darla": mulder? 
Serendipitous: not Benjamin...that's your son right MG? 
Very Naughty MG: hehehehe 
Serendipitous: Darla...can't you keep hold of that man? 
Very Naughty MG: Bend Over :o) 
"Mr Poopy Pants": ok 
Serendipitous: tie him...whip him...chain him to the um...wellll whatever :)))) 
"Mr Poopy Pants": lemme turn around first 
"Darla": i got cut offt the damned internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 
Serendipitous: where are the tyrants.. 
Serendipitous: oops..I mean the operators of this fine world? 
"Darla": this happens a lot 
"Darla": and I don't need you messing it up more!!!!!1 
Simon Says: i wonder if i said something on selection 
Serendipitous: sounds like you need a new dial up Darla 
Serendipitous: selection criteria? hmmmmmm 
Very Naughty MG: what did we get to yesterday before we got ejected?????? 
"Darla": it's not really the dialup, just active worlds 
"Bikerman": hi...wana ride baby...*s* 
Very Naughty MG: let me see.....oh...the PK selection criteria 
Serendipitous: what are you talking about Darla? 
Immigration Officer: AMLET would like to join you.  Type 'y' to accept this request, or 'n' to reject it. 
"Darla": but is mulder here? 
Serendipitous: I don't know...I don't actually care....look after your own avatars Darlo dearest 
"Darla": and i mean all of a sudden the program goes weird 
"Darla": i can't type 
"Darla": or everything goes blank 
Simon Says: y 
Serendipitous: sounds like you don't have sufficient memory to me 
Serendipitous: or something like that....what speed and amount of Ram you running Darla? 
"Darla": don't know 
Serendipitous: (like I know anything about it) 
"Mr Poopy Pants": not enough mammaries, yes, thats it 
"Darla": never happened before 
Very Naughty MG: OK...Simon.....what will we put in the AWWoS? 
Serendipitous: I have BIG MAMMARIES 
"Darla": and don't know 
Immigration Officer: AMLET would like to join you.  Type 'y' to accept this request, or 'n' to reject it. 
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by AMLET. 
Serendipitous: well.....can't help then 
"Darla": the computer has a 6 gig hardrive-tyhat's pretty big 
Simon Says: AWWoS will bring a piece on guard dogs getting 
Very Naughty MG: ROFLMAO 
Very Naughty MG: are cute...sweetie 
"Darla": hello? 
"Mr Poopy Pants": is there no law in this place??? 
Very Naughty MG: there is plenty law...that is the problem! 
Very Naughty MG: they just have a problem figuring out for what reason to eject people 
Serendipitous: well sure...but that's not the only thing you need 
Simon Says: reasons 
Serendipitous: damn 
Serendipitous: must be lunch break 
Simon Says: hi amlet :)) 
"Mr Poopy Pants": mg just left 
"Mr Poopy Pants": that was odd 
Serendipitous: hmmmmm...she's teleing me brb 
"Mr Poopy Pants": must me server problems 
Serendipitous: Telegram from Very Naughty MG, sent just now:  
I was ejected 

"Mr Poopy Pants": what is an ejection? 
"Mr Poopy Pants": i think i missed that day at school 
Serendipitous: I mean ejaculation 
Serendipitous: why was she ejected? 
Serendipitous: what did she do? 
Simon Says: lol, serendip..... 
Serendipitous: I was here the whole time 
Simon Says: i wonder who's the pk or ab or ac here? :) 
"Mr Poopy Pants": do people just wander around in here pooping on other people? 
"Darla": im back woopee evryone rejoice 
Simon Says: it's very quiet on gz here......:( 
"Darla": don't comment 
Simon Says: *wondering why serendip and mG got ejected* 
Simon Says: guess this world isn't open minded...... :( 
Simon Says: ah...the rules to be ejected......let's read them 
Simon Says: vulgr activity, vulgar name, cursing..... 
Simon Says: what did MG of this to get ejected? 
Simon Says: well, apparently no one wants to answer me...... will be great coverage in AWWoS :)) 
"Bugs": hello 
"AstroChicken":      why are you flying? 
"blarg": :waves 
Butterfly Love: hello everyone 
Simon Says: i'd like to give a chance to the pk's  or ac's of america to react on this :)) 
Angel24: hi all 
Butterfly Love: hi simon 
Simon Says: angel, butterfly :)) 
Angel24: ((((alice))))) 
Angel24: hi simon 
Butterfly Love: hi angel 
"Alice": Hi angel24 
Serendipitous: ok Simon...speak on 
"Twiner": simon says what 
Angel24: hi butterfly 
Simon Says: serendi p :)) 
"Twiner": what a joke 
Butterfly Love: hi Serendi 
"Twiner": this aint america 
Serendipitous: this world has about as much respect for the rights of an indivudual as America 
Kurtz: Hmmm... *waves* 
Butterfly Love: this is indeed america 
Butterfly Love: HI KURTZ love 
Angel24: it sure is..america 
Butterfly Love: =o) 
"Twiner": ooh i get it 
Kurtz: Hey, BL... *S* 
Butterfly Love: how are ya? 
"Alice": bye all  
Butterfly Love: bye alice 
"Twiner": its not america where i live 
Simon Says: well, i think their respect for righs is just talk....... if difficult questions are asked...(not even that dificult) there's 
Kurtz:  *S* 
Angel24: bye alice 
"Twiner": only because i live in hte boonies 
Serendipitous: it's a darn shame.....almost like a communist country.... 
Kurtz: brb... 
Butterfly Love: k kurtz 
"Alice": Hi angel 
Simon Says: yep..... but the system presents itself all surface 
"Twiner": not in my opinion 
"Twiner": its a sue happy contry thou 
Kurtz: back... 
Butterfly Love: WB 
"Darla": hello! 
"Bugs": B do you have ICQ? 
Serendipitous:'re saving the chat log to be sent to Gineric right? 
Kurtz: So, what's all this, now?  Another supression of the America gz? 
Butterfly Love: LOL 
Butterfly Love: yeah they were in here today having a good time 
Simon Says: not only that....i'll publish it too :)) 
"Darla": anyone want to chat? 
"Twiner": Navajo pots 
"Panda bear": hi 
Kurtz: Hmmm... Seems to be a rash of that about....  
"Twiner": aufly big tho 
"Panda bear": hi ss  
Kurtz: Big pots? 
"Panda bear": hi bl 
Simon Says: panda :)) 
Kurtz: pandster... 
"Panda bear": yes 
Butterfly Love: hi panda 
"Bugs": Blarg? 
"Twiner": Oh say can you seeeeeeeee... (high pitched and very off tone) 
"Twiner": hmmm i think ill stop now 
"Panda bear": it is Angel bear 
Kurtz: *Blarging* in public isn't polite.... *smirk* 
Butterfly Love: lol 
"Darla": Okay, person in front of me, who are you? 
"Bugs": lol 
Kurtz: ...but understandable after a heavy meal... 
Butterfly Love: wow this is the busiest I ahve seen this in AGES 
Simon Says: this could be a great VR world to be a sheep in..... but a question on the selection criteria makes the pk's in here mad.... 
"Panda bear": brb 
Kurtz: Lotsa touristas.... 
Serendipitous: not is ejaculating...I got ejected in here for saying that word.....strange 
"Darla": figures 
Butterfly Love: really? 
Butterfly Love: must depend on who the PS is..... 
Kurtz: Hmmm...  You got tossed for ejaculating here?  Hmmm.... Well.... 
Simon Says: serendip..... that word could be considered as vulgar...but ...there could be warning first.... 
"Panda bear": ss do you have a bot? 
"Darla": i've met some okay pk here 
Butterfly Love: depends on the PS..... some don't even tolerate it used once 
Kurtz: Hmm.. 
"Twiner": simon SAYS  "WAVE" 
Butterfly Love: simon did not say that 
"Twiner": god 
Butterfly Love: god did not either 
Simon Says: lol, butterfly :) 
"Darla": i'm going to scream 
Kurtz: Well, Kurtz must roll out...  You take care, BL... *smirk*  Ya hear?  
Butterfly Love: then scream 
"Darla": kay 
Butterfly Love: bye Kurtz 
Butterfly Love: *HUG* 
Kurtz: [Kurtz hangs for Darla screaming...]  
Butterfly Love: I will miss you 
"Darla": what? 
Butterfly Love: why you screaming darla? 
"Darla": long story 
Kurtz: Ah....  Kurtz loves the sound of touristas imploding in the afternoon...  
"Twiner": im gonna be an american by walking in water 
Simon Says: still no ps here to answer my questions.... 
"Panda bear": lol 
"Darla": im just extremely mad 
Kurtz: I'm sure one is not far off, SS.... 
"Darla": whuz your question, ss? 
Simon Says: i'd like an interview with a ps.... 
Serendipitous: I'll answer your questions Simon....SHOOT (although whoever is doing the ejecting MUST have PS) 
Butterfly Love: who is the MISTRO? we need music 
"Darla": cam down, geese serend 
Kurtz: Well, Take Two...  Sayonara for now... Remember:  It takes a whole village to carry an DoJ indictment against Microsoft....  *smirk* 
"Angel bear": bye 
Butterfly Love: haha Kurtz 
Butterfly Love: bye 
Simon Says: ok, serendip.... can you tell me what criteria for ejection are here in America? :) 
"blarg": Bugs? 
Simon Says: kurtz, Very naughty says hi :)) 
dr gladstone: hello everyone 
"Bugs": hi 
"blarg": :got lost 
"Bugs": where have you been? 
"Bugs": lol 
"blarg": Accidentally clicked on the train. 
Butterfly Love: LOL 
"Bugs": Do you have ICQ? 
Simon Says: doc glad :)) 
"Darla": hi newcomers 
"Bugs": What train? 
"blarg": Not at the moment 
"blarg": Follow me 
"Darla": the one you ride 
Butterfly Love: the train that takes you for a ride 
dr gladstone: hello simon :) 
Butterfly Love: hi dr 
"blarg": How big is ICQ? 
"Darla": i just walked on the tracks whoohoo 
"Darla": kay, gonna scream again! 
"Bugs":  million people 
Simon Says: hard to get answers in america...i guess there's a press blackout? 
"Darla": much better 
"Bugs": 20 million 
dr gladstone: hello butterfly love ... your name is very... 
"HEATHER": hey everyone whats up? 
"Bugs": sorry 
"blarg": Does it take long to download? 
Butterfly Love: thank you 
dr gladstone: invocative 
"Darla": whuz your questions, ss 
Butterfly Love: hi heather 
Simon Says: then i'll have to make up the answers from what i see.... 
"Bugs": no 
"Bugs": I love your name Heather 
dr gladstone: hello heather 
"blarg": Maybe I'll download it then. :) 
"HEATHER": thanx! 
Simon Says: darla :)) are you a ps ? don't think so :)) 
"blarg": Click the train. :) 
"Darla": no 
"Bugs": ??? 
Butterfly Love: are you Simon? 
"Darla": but ive been here alot 
dr gladstone: squid? 
Butterfly Love: and where the hell IS the MUSIC 
Serendipitous: ok....I'm leaving the power mongers lurking to their next victim...see you later Simon...smooooooooooch 
Simon Says: am not, butterfly :)) 
"Darla": and i know a lot of answers 
Simon Says: bye serendip :)) 
Butterfly Love: uh oh 
"Darla": try me 
"Bugs": ??????? 
Butterfly Love: I know who is 
dr gladstone: darla? 
Butterfly Love: bye Seren 
"Darla": yeah? 
"Bugs": what train? 
"blarg": :meants to right click on it that time. :P 
Butterfly Love: MUSIC 
Simon Says: doc glad, ps = public speaker :)) 
Butterfly Love: give me MUSIC 
Simon Says: brb 
"blarg": I'm standing behind it now 
"blarg": Can you see me? 
"Darla": yeah? 
dr gladstone: why are we born...if only to suffer and die? 
"Darla": oh man 
"Bugs": now i see 
dr gladstone: yes m'lady 
"Darla": are you one of those deep thinker peopless 
"Darla": m'lady!!!!!!!!1 
"Darla": 68, that you? 
"Darla": cause i see a bird and ...... 
Butterfly Love: 68 give us music please 
dr gladstone: perhaps is so m"lady..doth it desturb thee? 
Simon Says: back 
Butterfly Love: WB 
"Darla": not really 
Simon Says: thx, butterfly :)) 
68impala: hi BL  :-)   hi Darla.. 
"Darla": kay, ill try this 
dr gladstone: tis not a bad thing methinks 
Butterfly Love: music and make it good please 
"Darla": hi 68 
Simon Says: well, 68impala :)) 
Butterfly Love: birdie over HERE 
"Darla": pray, where does thou hail from? 
Butterfly Love: change your AV please 
Simon Says: finally a ps :)) 
Angel24: Hi Beautiful 
68impala: hi simon... 
"Darla": hmm! 
dr gladstone: from far off loundenberry 
Butterfly Love: lol 
Simon Says: 68impala, can i ask a few questions? 
"Darla": hi angel 
"Darla": from new york 
Angel24: hi darla 
Simon Says: interview for AWWoS 
Butterfly Love: birdie.... will change to a MAN 
Mysticism: hello Angel 
Angel24: hi myst 
68impala: just a minute....k?' 
dr gladstone: the big apple...i know it well 
Butterfly Love: k 
Mysticism: how are you today? 
"Darla": im sure 
Butterfly Love: hi Mysticism 
Angel24: who myst? 
Mysticism: you angel 
"Yak": Hey Myst.  What's up? 
Angel24: great thanks and U? 
"Darla": hey mist 
Mysticism: talked to you last night 
Angel24: hi yak 
Mysticism: he everyone 
Mysticism: hi 
dr gladstone: yes darla spent my youth there...came of age there 
Angel24: u did inded...i rememebr 
"Darla": kayyyyyy 
"Yak": Yo Angel.  I have a friend visiting from Russia, and he says you two are beautiful! 
Benjamin Dover: Hello Mystic 
Angel24: thanks ..Yak 
Butterfly Love: BEN 
Mysticism: helo benjamin 
"Darla": what is thy age? 
Angel24: HI BENDOVER....heheheh 
Butterfly Love: HIYA 
"Yak": He hasn't quite grasped the concept of avatars, yet. 
dr gladstone: dr off to other worlds  
Butterfly Love: see ya dr 
Benjamin Dover: hello Angel 
Butterfly Love: much better 68  *wink* 
"Darla": bye! 
Simon Says: *feeling ignored again* the press is muted here :( 
Benjamin Dover: Hello BL 
"Darla": get help! 
Butterfly Love: uh oh well simon just TALK like we are  
Butterfly Love: *grin* 
"Darla": hello little person with a green balloon 
68impala: sorry simon..trying to catch up.. 
Simon Says: i asked my questons a few times already..... 
"Darla": has anyone here talked to mulder, thorn, amx or makaveli lately? 
Benjamin Dover: Hello Darla 
Butterfly Love: what are they? 
"Darla": ever? 
"Darla": hi ben 
"Darla": max 
"Darla": anyone? 
"Darla": people 
Simon Says: ok, 68......but got some other coverage to do 
"Yak": What's your question, Simon? 
Angel24: mulder was here just before.....darla 
Simon Says: it's questions for the ps here, yak...are you a ps? 
"Darla": did he say where hwnet? 
Angel24: no sorry.darla 
"Darla": cause the program forze one me soooo 
"Darla": thanx anyway 
"Yak": No, not yet.  But, it's definately in my plans of world domination. 
Angel24: anytime 
Angel24: where r u from Yak? 
"Darla": i hate this 
"Darla": i meet guys 
"Darla": then I have to get off 
"Yak": Pittsburgh... originaly an Army brat from Korea. 
Butterfly Love: and they are always so far AWAY 
"Darla": or the program freezes 
Angel24: u should get there icqnumber darla 
BAJ11: hi everyone im looking for some people to do some jobs 
Simon Says: yak, you'll prolly be an asset for america one told you the essence of ps yet? 
"Darla": and I don't get to tak to them again! 
"Darla": i don't have 1cq 
BAJ11: hi bl 
Butterfly Love: you will someday Darla 
Butterfly Love: just come here 
Butterfly Love: hi BA 
"Darla": im trying 
"Yak": Not particularly....  is that some sort of perfume <g> 
BAJ11: long timwe no see 
Shady: hi everyone! 
Butterfly Love: indeed 
Butterfly Love: hi shady 
Angel24: download it from the net..darla 
"Darla": where can I? 
Angel24: hi shady 
BAJ11: shady and i are looking for some people to do some jobs? 
Butterfly Love: 
"Darla": thanx 
Angel24: thanks yak 
Simon Says: lol,yak.....  
Shady: anyone have ICQ? 
Angel24: thanskb'fly 
"Yak": ;^/ 
Butterfly Love: you need work BAJ? 
Angel24: yes 
Butterfly Love: welcom 
"Yak": BAJ? 
BAJ11: yea 
BAJ11: i have icq 
BAJ11: yea? 
Butterfly Love: what ya gonna do? 
Angel24: whats your number YAK? 
"Darla": getting it 
"Yak": Just a sec... 
Shady: yeah yak 
punisher: got iq alright! 
BAJ11: well sady could we find the right people here 
Shady: mine is 2060479 
Butterfly Love: wow I never give......... 
Butterfly Love: never mind 
Charlie: have icq 
Simon Says: ok.... since no one answers i'll get myself to work..... if someone wants to react..... send your e-mails to 
Butterfly Love: hi charlie 
Charlie: hi 
Shady: hi charlie 
Butterfly Love: hey 68 mycatch22 registered 
Charlie: hi 
Simon Says: this world will be in the news....... but maybe not positively...... 
BAJ11: ok we're looking for someone who knows what to say as a priest for a wedding and be one, a bestman, flower girls and lots of people to come! 
"Darla": hi charlie 
Charlie: (boy am i popular) 
Butterfly Love: ask RAZZ 
"Darla": where? 
Charlie: hi 
Butterfly Love: he is a preacher in here 
Angel24: hi charlei 
Butterfly Love: uh oh slow music.......... 
Angel24: charlie...sorry 
Simon Says: bye for now..... and read about this in AWWoS :)) 
Angel24: bye simon 
Simon Says: *hoppa* 
"Yak": Oops.. no ICQ loaded on this machine... I'm D/Ling now... 
Angel24: thanks yak 
"Darla": charlie-;) 
Angel24: 14087796 
"Yak": ;^/ 
Matt Delfini: I'm here Char 
BAJ11: shady 
BAJ11: shady? 
Charlie: at 9:47:00 
Butterfly Love: hi Matt 
Charlie: everybody say hi charlie 
Angel24: hi matt 
(end of extract) 
That was fun. Only no answers. 

Fourth Chatlog : (log by Simon Says, oct. 9, around 11:00 PM CET) 

                                             Simon Says
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