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The Trouble with (Dirty) Harry.

 Reports, chatlogs, reactions and comments First Chatlog : (log by Simon Says, oct. 8, around 1:30 am CET) 

Immigration Officer: Welcome to ATLANTIS, a public building world, Simon Says 
Immigration Officer: Welcome to America, the largest personal world on the net.  We presently have 16,400 objects to build with and 80 avatars.  Have fun.  (one lot per builder) 
Tom Huxton: hey 
BabyGal17: ok i am gonna stay like this 
Tom Huxton: great 
"dok": thought u were leaving? 
Tom Huxton: my favorite 
BabyGal17: so u likes tom? 
Shilo: I am dok 
Tom Huxton: yepper 
"marko": wasn't there a sign here yesterday ? 
"dok": whats your email? 
Emc2u: hi april 
"dok": or is that sign?? 
April: well i think you look perfectly fine baby 
Emc2u: me L 
Tom Huxton: want to see the cafe on Fantasy Island? 
BabyGal17: can i use her at ur house to tom or just here? 
BabyGal17: yes 
"dok": shes too shi shi 
BabyGal17: lets go there 
Tom Huxton: She works in Montana 
BabyGal17: u go and i'll join 
Tom Huxton: count to ten and follow 
Shilo: :-) 
BabyGal17: ok 
"dok": yum 
BabyGal17: hi april 
April: hi baby have i met you befor? 
"dok": ur still here?? 
BabyGal17: not that i know of this is my third time on aw 
"dok": shi?/ 
Shilo: bye all 
April: really well im sorry you must think im so rude welcome to aw enjoy 
"marko": bye shilo 
Lady Moonstar: by shilo hugs:) 
Shilo: you all be good .. ok :-) 
"dok": take me with you!! 
"marko": ok shi  :) 
"marko": <evil grin> 
Shilo: :-))) 
April: hi lady i didnt now your on 
April: bye shilo hugs****** 
"dok": I dont eat much 
Lady Moonstar: hallo to all:) 
Lady Moonstar: hallo april:) 
April: lady hello how are you 
"marko": don't worry dok, she'll be back one day 
Emc2u: hi lady 
Lady Moonstar: hallo Em2u:) 
Emc2u: sorry i can't talk right now 
Lady Moonstar: is all right iam also buisy:) 
April: dok did you loze a girl  hew belong in you heart? 
April: me mastecen) 
"marko": dok just wanted some food that's all   <evil grin> 
April: or true? 
Simon Says: free billy, hi ppl of US of A :)) 
Emc2u: ok will see u all  in a few 
April: o sorry im just a little weird today i guess 
"marko": hello person Simon Says 
Simon Says: marko :)) how are you :) 
April: hello person 
April: marko you said simon said 
April: haha get it? 
"marko": doing  fine thank you 
Simon Says: lol april..... :) 
Obiwan: my guess is that spike is hereq 
"marko": lol 
April: lol lol 
"marko": why are you all the way there simon ? 
Simon Says: cuz i like it here....:) 
April: o sorry i didnt now your name was simon says i didnt mean to make fun of your name? 
"marko": I like the fish myself  :) 
April: well any way i got to go now bye all 
Simon Says: no prob april :) 
"marko": see you around april  :) 
Simon Says: bye april :)) 
Very Naughty MG: hello america 
"marko": hello earthlings 
Simon Says: hi VNMG :)) *hugs* 
Very Naughty MG: *hugs* 
Very Naughty MG: wazzup mate? 
Simon Says: all is quiet in seems... 
Very Naughty MG: I was just reading the sign with rules up there! 
Simon Says: RULES? in america? 
"marko": there was quite a few people here, a little while ago 
Very Naughty MG: It does say anywhere that you are not allowed to have your own opinion and then you will get ejected.....I might just save that sign for later 
Very Naughty MG: oops...doesn't I mean 
Simon Says: opinions are dangerous tho...... 
"marko": what does MG stand for ? 
Very Naughty MG: MIGHTY GOD! 
CrazeeGrrl: duz anyone here buildin America!? 
Very Naughty MG: why SS? 
"marko": very naughty mighty god 
"marko": :) 
Very Naughty MG: yes! 
Simon Says: they shock ppl....... i 
Very Naughty MG: why is opinion dangerous? 
Very Naughty MG: speech is a persons right 
"marko": oh lord save me 
Simon Says: opinions make ppl think....that's why... 
Very Naughty MG: OHHHH...that is the problem................well, not enough reason to eject me 
CrazeeGrrl: i need to find sumone who has a big house and is a very good builder 
Simon Says: VNMG, you made ppl think? 
"marko": why is that CG ? 
Very Naughty MG: I guess I did 
CrazeeGrrl: cuz i need help 
"marko": cool shades 
CrazeeGrrl: oo thanx 
Simon Says: well, that's reason to be's reason to be 
"marko": what are you building ? 
Very Naughty MG: but now after I have read the sign........... 
CrazeeGrrl: a mansion, or so I hope 
Very Naughty MG: WHAT? 
CrazeeGrrl: i need sum ideas 
"marko": so you need an architect? 
Very Naughty MG: I beleive I should have been ejected? 
"marko": did you start yet ? 
Simon Says: VNMG, thinking ppl are a drag...... 
CrazeeGrrl: yes 
Very Naughty MG: oops...U 
CrazeeGrrl: i mean in America, not in real life 
"marko": can I see ? 
Very Naughty MG: well...abusing your power is another thing 
Simon Says: well...... i my humble opinion........ it could be just..... 
CrazeeGrrl: yes, well...i dont know the cords 
Very Naughty MG: be just what? 
Simon Says: power is never abused...... 
CrazeeGrrl: i have it under REMEMBER 
Simon Says: that you were ejected...... 
"marko": I see... 
Obiwan: me too 
CrazeeGrrl: i need t go there now, my friend is helping... 
Spike: Hi Obi 
"marko": alright... next time bring the coords 
"marko": :) 
Obiwan: bye crazeegrrl 
Obiwan: hey spike 
Very Naughty MG: yes...power can be abused....of course it can 
Simon Says: a lot of pks do...... 
Very Naughty MG: yes...they do 
Obiwan: so you like it then soike? 
Obiwan: spike 
"marko": oh lord !  tell me why you are upset with the authorities here ? 
Very Naughty MG: brb 
Simon Says: are there pk's here? 
Simon Says: ok 
Obiwan: spike? 
Obiwan: you still here? 
Spike: Whats up Obi 
Obiwan: ok you are 
Obiwan: is she comin soon? 
Very Naughty MG: I dunno 
Spike: sorry Obi got those Message thingys 
Obiwan: np 
Spike: She usally gets here around 8:00 
Obiwan: oh i am early 
Very Naughty MG: brb in a flash 
Spike: If shes going to be here im not sure yet 
Obiwan: ok i didnt get to say goodbye yesterday 
Obiwan: she left to fast 
Spike: I know shes madd at me again ... 
Obiwan: what now?? 
Spike: Somthing i said and probly shouldent have 
Obiwan: well thats true lol 
Obiwan: did she say she was mad? 
Simon Says: brb 
Obiwan: ok SS 
Spike: No thats how i know 
Obiwan: oh lol i understand that 
Obiwan: brb i need a drink 
Spike: OK 
Spike: Hey MG you still here 
Obiwan: back 
"marko": she stepped out spike 
Spike: WB OBi 
Spike: Oh Ok 
Obiwan: so whats going to happen now? 
Very Naughty MG: YES! 
Spike: Thanx Marco 
Very Naughty MG: why? 
Spike: Your not instegating trouble again are you ....?lol 
Very Naughty MG: why do you say that? 
"marko": Mighty God, may I inquire about your troubles ? 
Very Naughty MG: it doesn't say anywhere that MG is not allowed in America 
Spike: Because when i got in here it sounded like you were still going on about what NY did 
Very Naughty MG: it is MYSTERIOUS GIRL 
Very Naughty MG: not mighty god 
Spike: Ha Ha Ha 
Very Naughty MG: I NEVER mentioned his just did 
Spike: Oh sorry 
"marko": ok, mysterious girl 
"marko": please disclose the mystery...  :) 
Obiwan: hmm 
Very Naughty MG: well...rules doesn't mention anything about not being allowed to have your own opinion 
Very Naughty MG: DOES IT???????? 
Obiwan: no comment 
"marko": what opinion would that be? 
Spike: Thats true Mg but it dosent meen you can instigate trouble 
Very Naughty MG: the problem here is................if I give my opinion, I get ejected......but if a CA gives there opinion, there is not a damn thing we NORMAL people can do about it 
"marko": don't you like trouble?  very naughty girl ;) 
Spike: After all aw is upose to be one big happy famile 
Very Naughty MG: OHHHHHHHH....Gimme a break...Spike 
Spike: oops family 
Very Naughty MG: give it up...marko 
"marko": sorry, just wanted to help... 
Very Naughty MG: not much you can do ...really :o) 
"marko": When you share a bad feeling, part of it leaves you... 
Very Naughty MG: NO...I don't like trouble....but I wanna be able to have my own opinion and if people ask it....they'll get it....simple 
Very Naughty MG: and the thing about people talking about others behind their back, but not have the guts to tell them to their is SOOO typical AW!!!! 
Very Naughty MG: brb 
Very Naughty MG: and can save this log and show i 
(end of readable log). 
Very Naughty MG was ejected at this point. 
The logfile is somehow scrambled. We still have the original file in our possession. We wonder if someone can make chatlogs non-readable. Maybe a technical wizard could help us with that. 

Second Chatlog : (log by Simon Says, oct. 8, around 2:00 am CET) 

                                             Simon Says
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