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The Trouble with (Dirty) Harry.

 Reports, chatlogs, reactions and comments Fourth Chatlog : (log by Simon Says, oct. 9, around 11:00 PM CET) 

Immigration Officer: Welcome to AlphaWorld!  Please do not use any automated building tools (including "robobuilder" or keyboard macros) in AlphaWorld.  Thanks! 
Immigration Officer: Very Naughty MG would like to join you.  Type 'y' to accept this request, or 'n' to reject it. 
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Very Naughty MG. 
Simon Says: *hugs* :)) 
Very Naughty MG: my hubby goy ejected for who he is 
Very Naughty MG: 
Very Naughty MG: and NY is saying that his orders are coming from Jetta 
Very Naughty MG: I am not allowed in America anymore!! 
Simon Says: well..... i'm writing it for this issue as an editorial column... 
Very Naughty MG: talk to AAmie and cyberwitch 
Simon Says: next issues will cover more of this 
Very Naughty MG: TessAnne....Benjamin Dover....Carbonite 
Simon Says: i will:) 
Very Naughty MG: I gotta go sweetie....when will this issue be out? 
Simon Says: it will be sunday night :) 
Very Naughty MG: take care 
Simon Says: ok, MG :))  
Simon Says: you too :)) 
Very Naughty MG: OKEY 
Very Naughty MG: :o)) 
Very Naughty MG: bye bye 
Simon Says: bubye :)) 
Simon Says: i will :)) try that is :)) 
Very Naughty MG: *HUGZ* 
Very Naughty MG: :o)) 
Very Naughty MG: bye bye 
Simon Says: *hugs* 
(end of extract) 

Fifth Chatlog : (log by Simon Says, oct. 14, around 1:30 PM CET) 

Immigration Officer: Welcome to America, the largest personal world on the net.  We presently have 16,400 objects to build with and 80 avatars.  Have fun.  (one lot per builder) 
red4now: im here 
carousel: now there's an idea 
goke: or climb a mountain and freeze his butt off 
carousel: any votes yet  LOL 
Spike: good idea would that cave be in california 
goke: or he could come to california where the weather is warm and the girls are freindly :))) 
carousel: no Spike  
Very Naughty MG: alrighty then :o) 
goke: no the caves arent cold here lol 
carousel: one vote for that  idea from me 
goke: lol 
carousel: Steph likes that too 
goke: hi mg 
Very Naughty MG: I can't send teles 
goke: hmm I don't know why not mg 
Very Naughty MG: goke 
Spike: Yea i think i just might come to California  
goke: yes? 
Very Naughty MG: just saying hi 
Very Naughty MG: here sweetie? 
goke: good idea Spike.Im glad I thought of it LOL 
carousel: just might  think a little harder Spike 
Very Naughty MG: speak up baby :o) 
carousel: Yeah thanks goke 
carousel: :o)) 
Simon Says: hi ppl :)) yes 
red4now: :) 
Very Naughty MG: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH  }:) 
Spike: Hi Simon  
red4now: hi simon 
goke: carousel..maybe you can handcuff him to your house ,so he cant go back  
Simon Says: spike, red :)) 
goke: hi red 
Very Naughty MG: hehehehe 
Spike: She thought about that last time  
red4now: hi goke 
goke: hehe 
Very Naughty MG: brb 
red4now: ok 
red4now: goke, you have a very interesting nick 
carousel: and I won't fail this time 
goke: why thanks ;) 
goke: hehe caro 
goke: Ill help ya if ya need me to 
carousel: thanks I just may call on you 
Simon Says: a lot of teles here....sheesh 
carousel: Hi MG how are you? 
goke: you know Im a power lifter dont ya? 
Spike: But its so hot in California 110 Degrees 
Obiwan: Thanks for the information Imigration Officer 
Very Naughty MG: bbl guys 
red4now: bye vnmg 
Spike: Ok MG 
Simon Says: bye 
carousel: not in the winter Spike  
Obiwan: hey its blue4late 
red4now: spike, have you ever been to australia? 
Spike: oh you meen it cools down  
carousel: Hey Obi 
Spike: no red  
goke: it never gets cold here 
carousel: hahaha Spike 
goke: you guys can come here 
Simon Says: this feels great ..... a friendly GZ :) 
Spike: last time i was there i melted 
Obiwan: r 
goke: Spike can slepp in the bird cage lol 
carousel: Might take you up on that goke 
carousel: lol Spike 
goke: hi simon Do you like playing simon says ? 
Spike:  i want the dog house goke 
Obiwan: spike two moe have taken numbers lol 
goke: I dont have a dog 
Simon Says: actually no, spike...the game was named after 
"Streamer": hi Spike 
carousel: Obi 
Spike: Hi Sreamer  
Simon Says: brb 
Spike: Obi youv'e got them in line 
Obiwan: hi caro my comp kicked me 
goke: I hate when that happens 
Obiwan: im back now LOL@spike 
carousel: Guess what I am going to be for Halloween 
goke: a horse 
Obiwan: hmm a mother of all the teenagers??? 
goke: carousel horse lol 
carousel: no goke 
Spike: LOL@ OBI 
goke: lol 
carousel: I am always that Obit 
Obiwan: obit? lol 
carousel: Obi 
"Streamer": love that outfit 
Obiwan: isnt that the name of the jetsons dog? 
Spike: You going to be my better half dear 
carousel: An M & M  (yellow)  just like you  LOL 
"Streamer": love those leg's 
goke: cool! 
carousel: Spike I am your better half LOL 
goke: I'll just be myself,thats scary enough LOL 
"Streamer": oops sorry 
Obiwan: hmm if you were a guy i could says say somthing but i wont : ) 
carousel: Streamer are you talking to me? 
Druid Allanon: and a hearty hello to all :)) 
Spike: Don;t Say it obi .. 
goke: hi druid 
Druid Allanon: goke :)) 
carousel: He Druid 
"Streamer": well i was 
Spike: Hi Druid  
carousel: Hi 
red4now: brb 
carousel: thanks Streamer 
Druid Allanon: hi spike and carousel :) 
Spike: Ok Red 
"Streamer": is Spike your man ?? 
carousel: hummm  good question  LOL 
carousel: Hey Spike are you my man  LOL 
Spike: lol 
Druid Allanon: hehe 
Obiwan: anybody go to the weddig????? 
"Streamer": dont want to mess around with a married woman  
goke: I did 
Spike:  carousel  
carousel: no I think I will choose Druid today  
goke: until people started falling off the world lol 
Spike: shes not married streamer 
Druid Allanon: lol carousel  
carousel: LOL 
carousel: Streamer I am not married  
"Streamer": thanks Spike 
Obiwan: SOMEONE needs to get married so i can see anothe WEDDING! 
"Streamer": has anyone saw Shilo ? 
Druid Allanon: sorry obiwan i,m married already :) 
goke: I will not get married in a virtual world 
Spike: ok obi i'll look for someone to marrie me 
carousel: She was here earlier 
goke: I havent seen her 
"Streamer": who wants to get Married right away ?? 
goke: not me! 
Obiwan: lol spike i might no someone who is lookin for that position 
carousel: Streamer she was on this morning 
goke: Im afraid of commitment lol 
"Streamer": thanks  
Spike: i do steamer you got someone in mind 
Druid Allanon: a rush wedding ??? nar 
Obiwan: me toooooooo goke 
goke: lol 
"Streamer": why not goke 
goke: Im afraid I would make a mistake and marry a jeckyl and hyde kinda guy 
"Streamer": no  just asking everyone 
Obiwan: hey! 
Obiwan: not funny goke 
Obiwan: : ) 
goke: why not? 
Druid Allanon: to many good girls on here to be arrached to one lol 
Obiwan: we gotta get married to someone 
Druid Allanon: attached 
"Streamer": wow how did you know who i was ?? 
goke: no we dont! lol 
carousel: good for you Druid 
"Streamer": you are a good mind reader 
goke: I am intuautive lol 
Obiwan: uh oh i have been asked to go talk to someone on my list spike shall i go??? 
goke: I dont even try :) 
"Streamer": but you sure look good 
goke: why thanks :) 
Druid Allanon: yep i bet she does to :) 
"Streamer": anytime sweethart 
goke: you could use a new set of clothes lol 
Spike: It may be your only chance OBI 
"Streamer": what am i wearing  
Obiwan: ill take that as a yes SPIKE 
goke: would you like to borrow some money? 
Obiwan: cya all later 
goke: you look like a tourist 
goke: bye obiwan 
Spike: Keep me Informed Obi 
Druid Allanon: bye obiwan :) 
"Streamer": wello yews shilo said she might mary me if i had Millions 
carousel: me too Obi 
goke: I wouldnt for 2 million  
Spike: i would 
goke: money is not a reasoin to get married 
"MaDCoW": hello all 
"Superman": yo, madcow. 
goke: hi madcow 
"Streamer": why i cant be that bad..i dont think 
"Superman": hello everone.... 
Druid Allanon: need to find someone who knows the vows or make some up 
carousel: I agree with goke 
"MaDCoW": i see u superman 
Spike: hi mad cow  
goke: hi superman 
carousel: Hi superman 
"Streamer": oh i can make some up  
Druid Allanon: :) 
goke: just teasin streamer ;) 
carousel: Hi Madcow 
"Superman": good timing...hehehe. 
"MaDCoW": hi spike and carousel 
Simon Says: back...... 
Spike: hi super 
"MaDCoW": the macarena 
carousel: brb 
goke: k 
"MaDCoW": hehehe 
"Streamer": thats ok i understand ...i think 
Druid Allanon: hi lady *hugs* just incase u are hang around here in silence somewhere hehehe ya never know lol 
"Streamer": but you are a very lovely Woman 
Lady Moonstar: hugs to you back:)) 
goke: thank you :) 
"Streamer": Hi LadyM  
Spike: hi my lady 
Druid Allanon: hehehe though so :) 
"Superman": hello Ladies. 
Simon Says: well well lady moon :) 
Lady Moonstar: goodevning all you lovly people:) 
goke: simon says ...stand on your head 
"MaDCoW": they want me more  
"Superman": not the way YOU dance...hehehehehe... 
"MaDCoW": oh yeah 
goke: simon says ...throw goke some money :) 
"Superman": tell me if this looks queer to you... 
Simon Says: prefer standing on my feet....or on someone elses head....:) lol 
goke: lol 
"Streamer": wish i had some to throw 
"MaDCoW": uh...just a little. hehehe 
goke: well you can at least tell them to throw me some money 
"Superman": a little?????????  
Spike: in here its easier to stand on someone elses head 
Druid Allanon: what do u need goke? 
"Streamer": hi Blodny 
goke: hehe straemer 
"Superman": let's have a look around now... 
"MaDCoW": OK alot then 
Druid Allanon: new dress? 
goke: everything druid! 
"MaDCoW": K 
goke: and shoes 
Simon Says: i would let them throw it to myself...... have no 
goke: furniture 
Druid Allanon: thats a tall order goke lol 
goke: car 
goke: lol 
goke: shall I go on?lol 
"MaDCoW": any ladies want 2 talk 2 the cowman 
"Streamer": catch you people later  
Druid Allanon: bye streamer :) 
goke: bye streamer :) 
goke: whats wrong bacho? 
Lady Moonstar: bacho you may express your opinion but please no curse:) 
Druid Allanon: BACHO  that is not the way to get attention 
goke: you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? 
"Superman": BACHO...what crawled down your pants?? 
"MaDCoW": don't hate me cuz i'm beautiful 
Spike: Hey bacho whats the problem 
"Superman": nevermind, i really, really, don't wanna know. 
Syli: BUNGEEEEEEEeeeeeeee..................PLOP!!!!!.........................<<<Is this a way to get attention>>>>>> 
"Superman": lol @ madcow. 
"MaDCoW": hehehe 
Simon Says: lady moon, nice touch :) 
goke: hehe syli 
Lady Moonstar: is all right bocho:) have days like that myself hugs:) 
Syli: goke goke 
"Superman": darnit BACHO, everyone know that suicide is the best way to get attention. 
"MaDCoW": hahaha 
Syli: Wellif it aint Jerry Cantor 
Lady Moonstar: hallo syli:)) 
Syli: HI Lady M 
"BACHO": LADY MOON   can i have your ICQ i have something to ask you? 
Syli: how are you?? 
Spike: Does that work superman 
goke: huh 
Horta: Hallo Lovely Lady Moonstar 
carousel: Hi Syli 
carousel: Hi Horta 
Horta: Hiya Gokala 
"MaDCoW": no... ppl commit suicide all the time its gotta be more creative than that... 
Lady Moonstar: hallo Sir Horta hugs angel:) 
goke: hi ;))) 
Syli: Hicarousel!! 
Syli: Hey 
"Superman": Spike...worked for me...after i killed myself everyone paid attention....just look at me now!!!!! 
Lady Moonstar: and no bacho sorry 
Horta: Hello carouser 
"celtic": Please ignore me - my modem is struggling to cram this world through 1/2mm of copper. 
Syli: Did anyone see the rest of the wedding.....i got booted 
Simon Says: ooohhh...this is too much or mushy? lol 
"MaDCoW": light yourself on fire... 
Horta: Fallen Angel   hahah 
goke: not me I left too 
"Superman": yeah,  you gotta find a REALLY good way of going out.... 
Druid Allanon: suicide is not a very good subject madcow :) 
Spike: I should give it a try 
Syli: Public Access TV 
Lady Moonstar: evdantly you are no heer much simmon to see is always been here this way, no mushy at all, just people caring about one another 
"MaDCoW": drink gasoline then smoke a cigarrete 
"Superman": pore clorox on yourself and hang yourself from a light fixture or something... 
Syli: ouch 
carousel: Have fun all  see you later!!! 
red4now: that's gotta hurt 
goke: yeah..and if you didn't understand a word of that I can translate for you LOL 
Simon Says: sure lady moon...where have you been? :) 
Syli: bye carousel 
Druid Allanon: bye car :) *hugs* 
carousel: *hugs* to all 
goke: bye caro :) 
Syli: LOL 
Lady Moonstar: i have been here always simmon:) 
"Superman": of course there's always the everpopular, tying of oneself to a bumper of a Mack truck. 
Simon Says: read the ng's? :) 
Horta: Lady Moonstar is infinite 
Lady Moonstar: is you that no get your information corect:) 
"Superman": need i say more? 
Syli: Superman....are you ignoring me or are you a different super hero figure? 
Syli: oh 
goke: he's no superman lol 
"Superman": Syli?? eh? 
"MaDCoW": first run through a cornfield backwards then... 
Simon Says: lady, my info came out of first hand.... :) 
Syli: are y ou THE superman from Florida? 
goke: why dont they have an inferior man 
Lady Moonstar: yes edited lol 
Lady Moonstar: in a tex lol 
Elysium: hi 
Lady Moonstar: just another gossip colum:) 
Syli: LOL@goke 
"Superman": oh, no...i'm from Tennessee, Redneck State, where the Man to Cow ratio is WAY too high. 
Lady Moonstar: iam alowed to expres my opinion no?:) 
Simon Says: sure, lady...... i predicted this :)) 
goke: that would be more realistic dont ya think 
Syli: OK..that explains it...thanks  
Elysium: Hello 
"MaDCoW": oops i forgot to tell you to take off your clothes first 
"Superman": no problem...*S* 
Simon Says: rest of the community knows how to read AWWoS..... :) 
Syli: LOL 
"MaDCoW": hello Elysium 
Syli: so it s not the REDMEAT STATE? 
Elysium: hi Mcow 
goke: lol syli 
Lady Moonstar: not a oficail papper of cod wait till cof comes out simon:) 
goke: texas 
Druid Allanon: afk for a min 
Simon Says: cof has nothing to do with this, LM :) 
"Superman": yeah,  run naked backward through a cornfield, then lay down in a pig sty...that's the BEST way to go... 
Lady Moonstar: exacly simmon:) 
Elysium: hello 
"MaDCoW": of coarse it is after they get their shipment of playboy 
goke: ok druid 
"MaDCoW": hehehe 
Simon Says: and AWWoS is a free attachments...:) 
Dragan Fli: Hello 
Lady Moonstar: you paper is garbage noting more noting less Gosip, based on lies 
Elysium: how are you 
"Superman": no, it's the volunteer state, as in they Volunteer to do anything with Cows...or goats... 
Horta: Goodbye everyone 
"MaDCoW": ahhhh! 
"Superman": goodbye Horta. 
goke: bye horta :) 
Obiwan: OMG!!!!! SHE WAS 55!!! 
Lady Moonstar: goodby Sir Horta have a nice evning:) 
"Superman": but not MaDCoWs...hjeheh 
"MaDCoW": bye horta 
Horta: Bye Lady Moonstar././.......Goke....S  Man 
"Superman": who was 55? 
Simon Says: well, i said it was to add to the fun of AW...... that's thedifference with this world :)) 
goke: we are fun here simon 
"Superman": i have to go eat now...i'll be back later though. 
Obiwan: caro?? you still here? 
"Superman": foood is goooooood. 
goke: it seems some people arent such fun people 
Lady Moonstar: well anyway simon says welcome to america:) 
Spike: Well Obi didn't you tell her about me  
Simon Says: yep..... a week ago...real fun...ejecting ppl .... 
"Superman": hunger is BAAAAADD. 
Spike: No she left 
Lady Moonstar: i have noting against you 
"MaDCoW": better not be beef! 
"Superman": see you later madcow... 
goke: oh were you ejected simon? 
Obiwan: lol oops i new i forgot something 
"MaDCoW": later superman 
Simon Says: me neither, LM......  
"Superman": spaghetti with MEATBALLS!!!!! muahhahahahahaa. 
Obiwan: <---- is fun people! 
"Superman": *GONE* 
Simon Says: goke yes.....i asked what were the criteria to become ps here :) 
"MaDCoW": i'm going to leave now 2 every 1 
Lady Moonstar: goodnight cow:) have a nice evning:) 
Shilo: Hi Everybody  
Simon Says: btw, LM, nobody has something against me :) 
goke: well I guess if you were ejected you dont have the criteris to be a PS 
Lady Moonstar: (*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*SHILO)**)*)*)*)*)*)*)* 
Obiwan: just the person we wanted to see hi SHILO 
"MaDCoW": u 2 ladymoonstar 
Lady Moonstar: is nice to know simmon dear:) 
goke: PS s have to keep the peasce here 
Shilo: Hi .. 
Shilo: what I do now ?? or not do?? 
Obiwan: <--- is a PS 
Simon Says: goke, that's not the point...... point is i didn't disturb the peace :) 
Spike: Hi shilo 
Lady Moonstar: is a old nes simmon dear:) 
Syli: <----------- is a SP 
Spike: Not you to Obi 
Lady Moonstar: why no make new news:) 
Shilo: Hi Spike .. Obi  
Obiwan: only for texas spike not here yet 
goke: there always seem to be a couple of bad apples that try to takew the fun away from everyoneI guess because they are not very happy people to begin with 
Obiwan: (((SHILO))) 
Shilo: hiya Lady .. {{hugs}} 
Spike: Oh they have tomany here now 
Lady Moonstar: (*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*OBIWAN)*)*)*)*)*)* 
Simon Says: oh...... i think there might be some new news :) 
Lady Moonstar: hi you shilo :))) 
Obiwan: (((((((((((((((LM))))))))))))))))))))) 
Shilo: {{{{Obiwan}}}}}} 
Obiwan: : ) 
Shilo: :-) 
Syli: (*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*SYLI)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)*)* 
Lady Moonstar: thats  fine simmon:) perhaps you can do a atricle on  one of your editers  
Shilo: LOL@Syli 
Druid Allanon: lol Syli  
Obiwan: ok spike her name was nikona lol 
Obiwan: ((((((((((((((((SYLI)))))))))))))) how was the wedding? 
Simon Says: which one, LM? 
Simon Says: :) 
Lady Moonstar: your call simmon dear:) 
Druid Allanon: what about nikona? 
Syli: LOL@SPike 
Spike: I know her Obi 
Syli: Obi.............we overloaded the system and got  booted 
Shilo: Simon writing articles now? 
Syli: before the I do' not sure 
Simon Says: no, shilo :)) 
Lady Moonstar: oy sure he is shilo:) 
Obiwan: lol i left to let the groom in and then i never heard from them again 
Spike: Obi did she live in California 
Obiwan: well aamie is wearing a ring so i dont know 
Lady Moonstar: hi you sweet bird:))) 
Simon Says: just thinking...... but what the owners said.... 
goke: by the way ...I dont read the national enquirer either lol 
Shilo: ohh I do hope the article isn't about me  
Obiwan: i think so spike 
Syli: it was my first......kinda wedding......interesting..........but too much like the real thing...LOL 
M4Sweety: hi all 
Spike: I have her on my icq 
Lady Moonstar: lol nor do i goke lol is noting but garbage 
ny giants: ((((((((((lady moonstar)))))))))) 
goke: it sure is  
Druid Allanon: ny :) 
Shilo: Hi ny  
Lady Moonstar: (*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*NY GIANTS)*)*)*)*)*)*)* 
goke: hello NY  
Spike: Hi NY Buddy 
Syli: ((((((((((((((((WARPMAN))))))))))))) 
ny giants: hey syli rabbit 
Lady Moonstar: say hallo to simmon ny and red and very naughty:) 
ny giants: tricks are for kids 
goke: hi m4 did you get that thing figured out ok? 
Shilo: your in a real hugging mood there Syli .. :-) 
Simon Says: well, /ny, dirty harry on a cheap bottle of brandy :)) 
goke: hehe ny 
Syli: Syli Wabbit to you! 
ny giants: whats up doc>? 
Spike: Well gotta for for a bit.... see you all later take care eh 
Syli: LOL that what these are..(()))...Hugs???........oooops...didnt know 
goke: you drinkin simon?... 
Lady Moonstar: hugs spike take care:) 
Shilo: LOL@Syli 
goke: bye spike :) 
Syli: bye Spike 
Simon Says: not now, goke... 
Spike: You to My LAdy 
red4now: nite spike 
Obiwan: cya spike 
Spike: Bye Syli REd  
Syli: you learn a new chat technique every day 
goke: thats good :) 
Simon Says: spike :)) 
Lady Moonstar: is that what i was smelling??? 
Obiwan: hey its BLUE$LATER 
Spike: Bye all  
Shilo: bye spike 
Obiwan: $=4 
Benjamin Dover: hey hey hey 
goke: still here? 
Lady Moonstar: hallo benji 
ny giants: hey benj dover 
goke: hey benj :) 
Benjamin Dover: Ny greetings 
M4Sweety: hi goke 
Benjamin Dover: LM hello 
Simon Says: benjamin :) 
Shilo: Hi Ben  
Benjamin Dov 
* Active Worlds chat session: wo okt 14, 1998 2:26 * 

Immigration Officer: Welcome to ATLANTIS, a public building world, Simon Says 
(end of extract) 
My AW-browser was shut down, not by myself..... and i tested if i could re-enter AW. 

Sixth Chatlog : (log by Very Naughty MG) 

                                             Simon Says
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