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The Trouble with (Dirty) Harry.

 Reports, chatlogs, reactions and comments Sixth Chatlog : (log by Very Naughty MG) 

* Active Worlds chat session: Thu Oct 15, 1998 13:17 * 

Immigration Officer: Welcome to AlphaWorld!  Please do not use any automated building tools (including "robobuilder" or keyboard macros) in AlphaWorld.  Thanks! 
red4now: hehehe 
neilo: lol 
"TRIDENT": not for us guys.. 
"TRIDENT": =o[ 
Talian: lol 
"TRIDENT": OH..Heloo everyone..*s* 
neilo: mabey just more guys filled it out 
"Angel bear": hihihihihihhihhihhii 
Facter: well, of course 
Facter: it's a survey, the results reflect those that filled it out, nothing more 
Lace: brb afk 
Facter: =) 
Facter: but, 110 people did it. . . which is a huge cross section. . . 
neilo: but how many use it ? 
Facter: use what ? 
Facter: AW ? only COF knows that 
Cass: good evening everyone :) 
Lace: b 
Facter: but, that doesnt make any difference. . .all surveys are merely a cross section of people. . . 
Talian: Þ 
Clee: wb Lace 
Lace: *smiles  Þ  Þ 
red4now: :Þ 
Facter: take the info as it comes, it's not necessarily totally accurate, only an indication of trend 
Facter: =) 
neilo: well if 110,000 use it you only got 1% 
Canuk: what survey are you talkin about? 
neilo: :o) 
"TRIDENT": ok one more time.. 
"TRIDENT": Hello oeveryone..8s*.. 
"TRIDENT": =o] 
Lace: thanks Clee 
Clee: :-)) 
Lace: Hi Trident 
"TRIDENT": hello Lace..*s* 
Facter: so neilo ? how do you think opinion polls are taken ? do you think they ask everyone in the country ? nope. . . it's a *survey* =) 
red4now: clee? wheres clee? 
Lace: how can you miss,Clee? 
neilo: lol ok facter i filled it out anyway :o 
neilo: ) 
red4now: had eyes closed 
Facter: hehehe 
Lace: He is right in the middle of everything at like 7 feet tall 
Facter: im jsut explaining it for myself really =) 
Facter: hehehe 
red4now: but he's been soooo quiet! 
Clee: who red? 
red4now: you 
red4now: *grin* 
Lace: yeah, dont let that fool you !!....he is probably up to something 
Clee: i was afraid you were going to say that 
red4now: <---likes picking on clee 
Clee: i know you 
red4now: you dont mind? 
Clee: nope.. 
red4now: saves talian the scars 
Clee: :-) 
Lace: lol 
Talian: <-------likes to see Clee get picked on 
Clee: that case 
red4now: hahahh 
Clee: yes i mind 
Superuser: ATTENTION: All you people that like FREE GAME TRIAL SOFTWARE, FOUND A WORLD that has 11 million pages of links for this... AW-Shops at 2S 2E 270 
Lace: hehehe... 
Clee: :-)) 
Lace: 11 million pages? 
Lace: that is too much shopping , even for me ! 
Samantha: Hi everybody... 
Superuser: yes... and lots of other stuff too. Check it out... 
Clee: hi Sam 
Samantha: Hi Clee 
Lace: Hi Sam 
Samantha: Hi Lace  
Samantha: How're things round here tonight? 
Clee: pretty nice Sam 
Clee: quiet.. 
Clee: except for red 
Samantha:  nice and quiet is wonderful :o) 
Clee: :-)) 
red4now: ? 
"Energizer": I'm back 
Samantha: red...are you livening things up? How dare you? (hehehe) 
Lace: wb Energizer 
Clee: she's been causing trouble all nite 
red4now: looking around ....wandering about factor percententages about men actually talking in here versos women 
"Energizer": thanx Lace :-) 
Samantha: Tsk tsk tsk. 
red4now: hey! 
Clee: what???? 
Clee: me? 
Samantha: which? 
Samantha: huh? 
Lace: *hands T a Lindt chocolate 
Talian: thans lace 
red4now: seems to be more females actually type on keyboard here than men 
Lace: welcome 
Clee: hmmmm 
Samantha: Men are spatial, women are verbal. 
Lace: really Red? 
Lace: lol 
Guest8: Anybody know where the Titanic is? 
Samantha: Bottom of the ocean somewhere i think. 
Lace: Men are spatial for sure 
Samantha: (badumbum) 
"Energizer": I think u are special too, Sam 
Samantha: lol 
red4now: lol 
neilo: women are better 
Guest8: Somewhere in Alpha World is a Titanic that someone made. 
neilo: :o) 
Samantha: Hello neilo :o) 
red4now: guest8 ask moe, he knows 
Samantha: is m0e here? 
red4now: but sad to say, he is not here 
Samantha: oh. 
Guest8: So Moe does not know? :-) 
Samantha: oh m0e knows. 
Samantha: (hehehe) 
red4now: moe does know, he is just not here 
neilo: titanic is at AW 2344.5N 1926.5W 0.1a 90 
Guest8: heh-heh 
Guest8: Thanks neilo 
Samantha: m0e's nose knows 
neilo: hi sam 
red4now: oh, i have it <looking thru million scraps of paper> 
Clee: red 
Samantha: oh, you've got those too, red? 
red4now: 2348n 1907w 
red4now: yep 
Samantha: Gets cluttery, don't it? 
red4now: yep 
Tess: is tessanne here? 
red4now: too late? wahhhhhh 
Samantha: Oh, poor poor red... 
Samantha: There, there. 
Samantha: <pat> 
Clee: sorry red... 
Clee: :-)) 
2ndChildhood: guess I'll go back to work...making warps..hehe 
Samantha: Hi bye 2nd :o) 
red4now: story of my life, day late and dollar short 
"Christopher": hello brother Matthew 
Ennes: hi 2nd how are you? 
"Christopher": hi 
"Caveman": ho bro 
Catterpillar: tu me vois Fée? 
"Fee": Hi every body! 
"Fee": yes Catterpillar! 
Catterpillar: :) 
Samantha: <yawn> gotta go to sleep...zzzzz... g'nite everybody! 
Clee: nite Sam... 
Very Naughty MG: nite sam :o) 
Lace: *waves to everyone..nighty night .... 
neilo: nite sam 
Talian: good night everyone 
Clee: nite Tal.... 
Very Naughty MG: bye Tal 
Lace: night T 
red4now: nite tall 
Lace: night Clee 
red4now: tal 
"chris": help 
Lace: ohh boy...they rhyme 
red4now: see, clee, sometimes i get it right 
Clee: haha...yep... 
Lace: bye bye 
Clee: nite Lace 
Roxie: Steel? 
Clee: :-) 
Subsea: what can i help you with Chris? 
red4now: mg!!! 
Very Naughty MG: BORED! 
"Steel": HI Roxie 
"Fee": So Catter... do we go visit??  
Very Naughty MG: red!! 
"chris": i dont know what im doing 
Catterpillar: pourquoi pas!!  
"Steel": over here 
"Fee": hum.... nice look!! héhé  
Subsea: What do you need to know chris? 
Very Naughty MG: wanna go to america???? 
Very Naughty MG: hahahahahaha 
red4now: been to america lately mg? 
Roxie: hi :) 
Catterpillar: J'me vois pas encore! 
"Steel": how did you do that 
red4now: heheheh, great minds and all 
"Fee": so! follow me!! 
"Fee": t'es un surfeur!!  
Very Naughty MG: wanna come? 
Roxie: buttons above 
Catterpillar: J'viens de voir ca! 
red4now: sure 
Very Naughty MG: ok..see ya there :o) 
Immigration Officer: Welcome to America, the largest personal world on the net.  We presently have 16,400 objects to build with and 80 avatars.  Have fun.  (one lot per builder) 
Tish: lol 
"Zorina": where to cool?...i am above the falls and bears....LOL 
"Coolblue": ya there? 
rushman: hahahaah 
"Zorina": yes 
Very Naughty MG: red? 
rushman: natus whats up?? 
Tish: must be a kid. 
Very Naughty MG: RED!!!!! 
Very Naughty MG: wakey wakey 
"Jasmine": Good Evening! 
Viking: MG ! 
"Zorina": i don't see you cool.. 
Very Naughty MG: VIKING!!!!!!! 
rushman: must be Tish 
"Zorina": now i see 
"Coolblue": pretty incredible huh? 
Very Naughty MG: my little sugar muffin 
SiN: hi jasmine 
"Coolblue": fly up 
"Jasmine": Hi Sin 
"Jasmine": how ya been? 
RogueHawk: Hallo VN,...... 
Very Naughty MG: Hawk 
"Coolblue": tinkerbell 
"Zorina": hahah 
RogueHawk: You seem to be on my contact list.....Do I know you? 
Very Naughty MG: mysterious girl 
Tish: lol 
"Coolblue": okgot the hang of it i see...:) 
Tish: natas where are you from 
"Zorina": ahaha 
"Zorina": now what? 
rushman: give her a taste of her own!!hahaaa 
"natas": guess  
RogueHawk: Is your shoe untied? 
"Coolblue": lets go to......... 
Tish: here we go child 
red4now: mg!!! 
Very Naughty MG: RED!!!! 
rushman: u are from earth!! 
"Zorina": vegas? 
Very Naughty MG: anything happening here today? 
"Zorina": did you see me? 
"Coolblue": Paradise...k? 
"Zorina": K.. 
rushman: what is with this girl Tish? 
Tish: and out of site she goes.....way down 
Viking: Hello 
"Jasmine": hi 
Tish: have no clue 
"Jasmine": what ya doin? 
Very Naughty MG: *getting jealous* 
rushman: natas??? 
Viking: Just hanging around...talking. 
"Jasmine": oh 
Very Naughty MG: yeah yeah yeah 
Tish: she is under ground 
rushman: i see that!!! 
"natas": looking up skirt 
SiN: hmmm  natas spelled backwards is hmmmmm  i dont know is it mabey     satan ??? 
red4now: ? 
Tish: <------- stomps on face...... 
rushman: so u are a lesbuan natas??? 
Hammer: you may be right SiN 
Very Naughty MG: and very spelled backwards is yrev............ 
Tish: lol 
red4now: lol 
red4now: gnikiv 
Very Naughty MG: GNIKIV........ 
"natas": hahahaa 
red4now: gm ythguan yrev 
Viking: hey....what are you...dyslexic ? 
Very Naughty MG: won4der 
red4now: yep 
red4now: eww, i like mine mg 
rushman: namhsur 
"natas": do the maccarana 
Tish: not going to do mine backwards...LOL or any other way... 
Viking: ahahahahahahaum 
red4now: i am won4der 
Very Naughty MG: gnikiv.....................ereh emoc 
Viking: hsit....not too bad 
sis sis: gotta go.. take care everyone.. :) 
red4now: nite sis sis 
SiN: bye sis sis 
Viking: night sis sis ! ; ) 
rushman: natas where u from? 
RogueHawk: Nite Sis:) 
Very Naughty MG: is life? 
SiN: great 
SiN: : ) 
Very Naughty MG: life is great and there is 3 months till X-mas 
SiN: brb 
"coodude": hi 
Queen Evil: Hey Rush 
rushman: hi Queeny!! 
Queen Evil: :-) 
Dak Akkra: Hello Very 
Queen Evil: hi 
Very Naughty MG: hello 
rushman: hi very naughty 
Very Naughty MG: rushman :o) 
rushman: u look naughty!! 
Very Naughty MG: HAHAHA 
red4now: MUHAHAHA, to be exact 
rushman: just dont hurt me ok very? 
rushman: hahahaa 
red4now: lol 
"bill": hi 
"bill": all 
Queen Evil: hi 
Dak Akkra: Hi Queen Evil 
"bill": hello Everyone!!! 
Tish: Rush are you following natas...LOL 
rushman: who me? 
Tish: lol 
rushman: did u see queen evil? 
Guest8: Hi 
rushman: she was just here 
Tish: think she left... 
rushman: oh ok!! 
Just Nick: y 
Very Naughty MG: Yo Nick :o) 
rushman: natas u are a guy??? 
rushman: nope 
Dak Akkra: Hi Just Nick 
rushman: heheheee 
Tish: (waiting to hear a pin drop) 
red4now: *pin* 
"dgenerate561": ding 
rushman: i know no one talkin!! 
"tony33": ok im here tish 
Tish: Hi tony 
"tony33": i missed you 
Very Naughty MG: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 
Very Naughty MG: wake up 
Tish: gee...that did not take you long... 
Very Naughty MG: is everybody in teles here??????? 
Tish: don't say that 
Tish: not me 
red4now: not me mg, *grin* 
"tony33": i know 
rushman: not me! 
Tish: need tunes 
"Streamer": hi people  
Tish: Hi Streamer 
Very Naughty MG: yeah right....MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 
rushman: ok so where u from very? 
red4now: hahahaha 
Very Naughty MG: denmark...i live in australia though 
rushman: and u red where u from? 
"tony33": this is neat 
Tish: told ya you might like it 
rushman: i am in USA wisconsin 
red4now: florida, rush, and you? 
"Streamer": Hi Tish 
"Streamer": i'm Florida 
Tish: I am in New York not the city 
rushman: wish i was in florida!! 
Tish: don't we all at the moment in the north 
rushman: NEW YORK CITY!!! 
Tish: NO 
rushman: hahahaaa 
Tish: Auburn 
red4now: <---shoots viking with water pistol 
"dgenerate561": fall 
Tish: uh oh...water fight 
Very Naughty MG: Kick's Viking (_x_) 
Tish: LOL 
rushman: whats MG stand for ? 
"natas": fuck im glad im not a god damn yank 
Very Naughty MG: MIGHTY GOD 
Tish: watch the mouth 
"tony33": tish im tapeing all in the family 
Very Naughty MG: jk...mysterious girl 
rushman: that was fast!!haha 
"Streamer": wow  
Tish: lol 
rushman: oh ok 
"Streamer": Reb's dont talk like that  
Tish: gee..finally it talked but the wrong words... 
rushman: hahahaaha 
"dgenerate561": got blood|? 
rushman: how old r u??very? 
"tony33": what did you meanby i know what to do tish 
Viking: red- I won't forget that water pistol... 
Tish: tony...ask me on ICQ 
goke: oh my ! 
goke: it is! 
Very Naughty MG: how old do you want me to be???(thinking of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman) 
Tish: Hi Goke 
red4now: hehehhe, fills it up with ice water now 
rushman: hahahahaa 
rushman: ummm... 
goke: weee! 
goke: hi tish 
rushman: 35, retired, and filthy rich would be prfect!!! 
Roxie: you look like Alex 
Very Naughty MG: Takes a bucket of ice water and throws it on Viking 
Tish: tony...push the minus key to land on the ground...and use the arrows to move around 
"Steel": Roxie your a black triangle 
Viking: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 
"Streamer": has anyone saw SHILO  yet  
Very Naughty MG: 29...married my cyberlove...3 kids 
"dgenerate561": taxi! 
Very Naughty MG: and still VERY married :o) 
Roxie: ooooh, but wait til you see me! 
Viking: ABBA !!!!! 
red4now: stuffs loose ice cubes way down 
rushman: hahaha me too!!  
Tish:'s a plane 
"Steel": I kind of like the triangle 
Roxie: Do you see me yet? 
Very Naughty MG: sucks on an ice cube 
Lady Moonstar: please move the ship of landing zone 
Very Naughty MG: REFRESHING! 
"Steel": WOW 
"tony33": nice body tish 
Tish: did it land on anyone?  if it did call an ambulance 
Syquest: oh thas me 
Viking: Fernando !!! 
Very Naughty MG: abba....eeuuwwwwwww 
Syquest: hehe sorry folks 
Viking: Do you hear the guns Fernando ??? 
Benjamin Dover: America is a place of friendship where we can express our opinions without fear of repercussions 
Roxie: You look like you belong at Rattlesnake's 
"Streamer": Hey Lady M did shilo ever come in ? 
Very Naughty MG: Ben :o)) 
Benjamin Dover: Welcome friends 
red4now: thanks ben 
Benjamin Dover: Hello MG 
rushman: hi ben 
Roxie: If you try the view button, you can choose from First or third person view 
"Steel": What do I look like? 
Viking: And just what is wrong with ABBA ????? 
Very Naughty MG: I don't like them! 
Benjamin Dover: Hello red 4 now thats an interesting name pray tell how did you come by it? 
"Streamer": say one thing you can get a lot of help here  
Roxie: ABBA rules 
rushman: what do u like to listen to very? 
"Steel": That's scarry 
Benjamin Dover: Hi rush man 
Tish: BRB...need coffee 
Roxie: kidding 
red4now: oh ben, tis long story, not really , went from blonde hair to red, thats about it 
Very Naughty MG: she just coloured her hair red 
rushman: u ok roxie? 
Tish: Hi...going to grab a cup of coffee and be right back 
red4now: mg!!! 
Roxie: I don't know how to send a telegram 
Benjamin Dover: Hmmmm thats vey moving red 
Very Naughty MG: tomorrow it will be: blond4now 
red4now: thanks benn 
Roxie: I kept getting them, but don't know how to send 
Roxie: do I have the option? 
red4now: thanks to lady clarol 
Benjamin Dover: right click on the name Roxie 
SiN: tazz !! 
Tazz: Whats up Sin 
SiN: same ol 
"dgenerate561": woa 
"Steel": I do'nt think so 
Benjamin Dover: then left click on reply and type away 
Benjamin Dover: then hit enter or click on send 
SiN: hi ben :)  dident see you 
Benjamin Dover: Hi SiN 
Benjamin Dover: How are you? 
Viking: Dancing Queen !!! 
"tony33": hi tish  
Roxie: Thanks, but where do I find "contacts?" 
Viking: 17 ??? 
rushman: ben take me surfing some time? 
SiN: just great thanx  u ? 
Tish: hi tony 
Very Naughty MG: Put some Crowded House on please 
"tony33": im right next to you ok 
Benjamin Dover: When the tides in rushman :) 
Tish: no prob.... 
rushman: contact tab to left  
Benjamin Dover: I am very well SiN 
Roxie: I'll figure it out 
rushman: cool 
"tony33": nice body tish 
Very Naughty MG: abba stinks 
Benjamin Dover: just recovering from a trip to the batting cages 
Tish: thanx's a 
Benjamin Dover: and driving range 
Viking: didn't hear that..ABBA does not stick  lalalalala (fingers in ears) 
rushman: ok rocy want me to help? 
Tish: rofl 
rushman: roxie! 
Lady Moonstar: this ones for you vn iscaled hole in your soul 
"tony33": where is the music comeing from 
Very Naughty MG: very neat...but I turned the sound off 
Lady Moonstar: good than you wont heer crowded house:) 
Benjamin Dover: I feel tension 
Roxie: Got to go Steel, talk to you in a few 
Very Naughty MG: too many wav down;oads 
Very Naughty MG: oops 
Benjamin Dover: Danger Will Robinson 
RogueHawk: How bout those Cubs!?!!  <Grin> 
Very Naughty MG: tension...where? 
"Steel": OK 
"tony33": tish you cant  talk dirt on can you 
Very Naughty MG: wanna have a massage...Ben?? 
Tish: no and I wouldn't 
Very Naughty MG: hehehehehe 
Lady Moonstar: heheh RH:)*wink* 
RogueHawk: WiNk> 
"tony33": ok just checking 
Benjamin Dover: not into massgony MG :)) 
Very Naughty MG: HUH? 
Benjamin Dover: massogony even 
rushman: tony u naught boy u!!!hahahaaa 
Tish: LOL...rush...he lives here in my town 
"tony33": oh well im new at this 
rushman: cool! 
rushman: welcome to aw! 
Tish: (promises not to teach newbies how to fly anymore...LOL) 
"tony33": thank you 
SiN: hi butterfly  : ) 
rushman: hahahaaa 
RogueHawk: Where Goke?:) 
Butterfly Love: hi Sin 
goke: here :) 
goke: in my corner lol 
RogueHawk: C'meere moons... 
rushman: what u think tony? 
rushman: he likes it he likes it!!! 
"tony33": cool 
"dgenerate561": heads up 
"tony33": tish do you like to dace 
Lady Moonstar: ?? 
SiN: hi goke :) 
Tish: not really... 
goke: hi SiN how are ya? 
RogueHawk: walk to it goke:) 
SiN: grat thanx   hope you are well also 
goke: darn..I just got here and now the pies done 
"dgenerate561": hey ur ass is glowing 
goke: huh 
Just Nick: saaaaa 
SiN: hi nick 
RogueHawk: Bad boy..... 
Benjamin Dover: yo Nick 
rushman: tony there are a lot of cool things to see in AW  
goke: no bad langauge here please dgnr:) 
Just Nick: ojkeert inu 
"dgenerate561": o my bad 
"dgenerate561": yo booty is glowing 
RogueHawk: Wanna go for a ride ?? 
RogueHawk: :) 
SiN: read the rules facing north dgenerate 
"dgenerate561": i gottta read all that? 
goke: yes 
RogueHawk: Please do:) 
goke: all of it :) 
red4now: nite all 
"dgenerate561": aww 
Very Naughty MG: bye reddy :o) 
Very Naughty MG: hehehe 
SiN: bye red 
RogueHawk: Bye Red:) 
Benjamin Dover: nite red 
"dgenerate561": lol 
red4now: *poof* (sorry nite ben) 
red4now: nite moonstar 
Viking: night red 
"tony33": are you still here tish 
Tish: BRB...fighting with 
goke: brb going to get my cherry pie with vanilla ice cream 
RogueHawk: Midi up.....  :) 
rushman: oh yummy!!! 
RogueHawk: EWw 
"tony33": man this cool 
rushman: brb snack for me!!! 
Shilo: hi everybody 
SiN: hi butterfly how are you ? 
SiN: hi shilo 
RogueHawk: Hallo Shilo:) 
Shilo: hi SiN 
Lady Moonstar: (*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*SHILO)*)*)*)*)*)* 
Viking: Play that Funky Music 
Shilo: Hi Rogue :-) 
RogueHawk: lol 
RogueHawk: Yepp 
Shilo: {{{LADY}}}} 
RogueHawk: ;) 
goke: get down! 
RogueHawk: Ha! 
Shilo: Hi goke 
RogueHawk: Thats for goke..... 
Lady Moonstar: oh yea:) 
Bryon70: hello all. 
goke: thanks :))) 
Lady Moonstar: hallo byron:) 
RogueHawk: and Moons 
SiN: hey byron 
goke: hi shilo :) 
Bryon70: Hello Lady 
Bryon70:  Sin, hello... 
Lady Moonstar: how are you byron:) 
Tish: back 
rushman: back 
Bryon70: Good, you remember me...  
rushman: hahaa 
goke: Sparky says hi roguehawk :) 
RogueHawk: Tell Heman Hello:)  and check his machine tomorrow;) 
SiN: : ) 
"LePurrLeMU": :) 
SiN: le  hahaha 
"LePurrLeMU": le purrrr:))) 
Bryon70: sin, nice avatar.. 
goke: what machine ..the one he uses to stimulate his brain lol 
SiN: lol  you too 
goke: he didnt see that lol 
RogueHawk: ..........Yea,.....that one:) 
Bryon70: kewl, now I can see my 
"LePurrLeMU": lot of popetes here hehehhe 
RogueHawk: Good for you! 
SiN: yeah me too  lol 
"LePurrLeMU": popeys 
RogueHawk: Tell me when that songs over...I cant hear it at all.... 
goke: it's over 
"LePurrLeMU": is over:)) 
RogueHawk: Me card no likee.... 
goke: hey lepuurr how are you? 
RogueHawk: ok:) 
"LePurrLeMU": <------------ pulling somones hair 
goke: my birds tryiong to get my pie and ice cream :( 
SiN: lol 
Tish: LOL 
goke: lol 
Bryon70: lol, too funny... 
Shilo: LePurr you be nice ... LOLOL  
"LePurrLeMU": ohh its a wigg!!!! 
goke: LMAO 
Bryon70: Ok sin... going to bed... be good, be careful with my avatar body ok... lol 
RogueHawk: Goke has a cool Cockatiell... 
Tish: rofl 
"LePurrLeMU": lot of red hair 
RogueHawk: <Spelling> 
Shilo: I told you to be nice .. now look what you did  
goke: no it's a cocaktoo,but you were close 
"LePurrLeMU": <--------- going to set it on fire now 
SiN: lol 
SiN: night byron  haha 
goke: lepurrr,shame on you 
Shilo: sure am glad it isn't mine  
RogueHawk: Its got Big Hair......close. 
goke: I have no hair leftI got it cut yesterday 
Bryon70: later moon 
goke: hehe rh 
RogueHawk: Not you....yer Bird. 
RogueHawk: You got a big 
Bryon70: goodnight people.... 
Tish: night 
RogueHawk: L8r Bryon:) 
Shilo: birds have feathers rogue not hair :-) 
goke: I know,but I really did get my hair cut Wait till you see lol 
goke: my bird has hair shilo 
RogueHawk: ......Hmmm......<Looking at my head> 
goke: at least thats what I call it :) 
RogueHawk: <Grin> 
Shilo: hehehehe 
RogueHawk: I have hair too, Shilo:) 
RogueHawk: Me too:) 
Shilo: no your bald rogue  
Very Naughty MG: mmmm............... 
goke: hehe 
RogueHawk: not.... 
goke: are too  
goke: lol 
Shilo: that was your hair that LePurr burned 
SiN: lol 
Shilo: hehehehe 
RogueHawk: I'm 6' 5"  Blonde hair,...and did I mention Filthy Rich??  <Grin> 
Shilo: see there it is burning up right now 
RogueHawk: ....goke is bald:) 
goke: oh my gosh theres a fire over there! 
RogueHawk: So is moon:) 
SiN: lol 
goke: ya right! 
Shilo: that was rogues hair 
Tish: wooooosh 
Shilo: up in flames 
SiN: i dont think it was rogues hair  lol 
goke: and you are .... 
RogueHawk: <Slappin Head> 
RogueHawk: Oops..... 
goke: in trouble lol 
RogueHawk: No goke,.....keep it clean now:) 
Shilo: hehehe 
goke: lol know me too well 
Shilo: you guys are bad 
goke: very :) 
Shilo: LOL 
RogueHawk: Ya.....You make me as sick as I make myself, sometimes  lol 
Shilo: hehe 
goke: ROFLMAO 
Shilo: hi 68 
goke: I am choking 
SiN: 68 !! 
Shilo: WB 
68impala: so much for sneaking in... 
RogueHawk: <Grin>.....I am not!  I'm a good Birdie:) 
Tish: brb 
RogueHawk: goke.. 
goke: ah huh 
goke: hi 68 We missed you 
Shilo: who is in charge of the mop tonight  
SiN: teleport that flame to hmmmmm  1s 1e    lol 
Very Naughty MG: mmm...............68 :o) 
Shilo: rogue made a booboo here 
RogueHawk: Do they have a Hair Club for women??  <Smile> 
goke: what mop? 
RogueHawk: What mess??:) 
Shilo: to clean up rogue mess here 
68impala: i missed all of you too... 
goke: no need for hair club for women 
RogueHawk: I use a catbox!:) 
SiN: lol 
RogueHawk: .....sorry goke:) 
Shilo: well my friend you missed the box 
SiN: ok 1.5  lol 
68impala: hi mysty, shilo, sin..gike...*breathe* 
goke: they just get rid of the men that are causing them to lose their hair :) 
RogueHawk: Moon did it!  :) 
68impala: goke..sorry 
goke: catbox...pffff 
Shilo: moon .. you did this mess? 
RogueHawk: She did! 
SiN: hahaha   lol 
Butterfly Love: woo hoooo 
"s9": Any voice chat here? 
Shilo: did you see  
goke: somebody get the lysol 
Butterfly Love: brb 
RogueHawk: I would do this...if it was me:) 
"LePurrLeMU": miowww 
goke: LMAO 
SiN: le purrrr 
goke: its the kitty,she did it! 
Shilo: LePurr did you see rogue make this mess on the floor 
Butterfly Love: brb need to reboot 
goke: ok butterfly 
RogueHawk: Nope...I'm making opals:) 
goke: sure 
Shilo: hehehe 
goke: you cant make opals silly 
RogueHawk: Look on GZ silly:) 
goke: you sure you dont mean apples? 
"72 Ford Pinto": heh 
goke: oh lol 
Shilo: How was the trip 68? 
goke: little opals 
Gentlewinds: ooops...sorry lady in little black dress...I stepped on ya... 
RogueHawk: Will the real moonstar please stand up:) 
"72 Ford Pinto": vrooooooooooom 
68impala: long.....tiring... 
Very Naughty MG: Is it impossible for the CA's here to take the bold text off? 
Shilo: all settled in yet? 
goke: I was starting to wonder about you 68 
"72 Ford Pinto": no its not 
goke: ah oh 
goke: somebody made a boo boo 
RogueHawk: I am an AB providing midis,....NG:) 
68impala: no...not yet...but i'm getting there... 
69firebird: hahaha lets race!! 
Shilo: well that is one way of cleaning the floor  
"72 Ford Pinto": lol 
Very Naughty MG: NG??? 
goke: I can be the referee 
Gentlewinds: Iknow an NG 
RogueHawk: And I like to see 2 PK's here to handle problem children, myself:) 
"72 Ford Pinto": vrooooooooom !!!! 
goke: or whatever you call it 
goke: wheres the other car? 
RogueHawk: We are here to help:) 
goke: now both turn around 
Gentlewinds: Is it my imagination....or is that flame moving around? 
"LePurrLeMU": hahahaha 
goke: and dont move 
Shilo: LOLOL 
Butterfly Love: ok I am back 
Very Naughty MG: but if there are no problems at the moment...then why the bold text? 
Shilo: WB Butterfly 
69firebird: race to the flame and back inpala??? 
goke: no  
69firebird: and pinto? 
Butterfly Love: tahnk you 
goke: wait 
69firebird: no what goke? 
goke: put feet on edge of sqaure 
goke: I will say who wins 
"VeryNaughtys Mo": time to come home !! 
68impala SS427: sure thing...... 
goke: toward me 
goke: stop! 
goke: :) 
Butterfly Love: zzzzzzzzz 
goke: now where's the other car 
"LePurrLeMU": hwak what are you doing!! 
69firebird: u are bossy goke!! 
"VeryNaughty Mom": your late for dinner 
69firebird: hahaaa 
goke: hehe you think lol 
goke: other car! come here to arce 
goke: race please 
69firebird: i guess i win by default 
goke: I gues so but that was no fun :( 
69firebird: hi mom! 
"VeryNaughty Mom": hi 
Butterfly Love: I must be getting burnt finally on this *** puter.....  seems that even this is BORING........ 
goke: how about you race naughty miom? 
69firebird: u are very naught mom!! 
69firebird: mom wanna race/ 
"VeryNaughty Mom": im lookin for my brain dead daughter has anyone seen her ?? 
69firebird: ? 
goke: no lol 
goke: 68...will you race? 
69firebird: is her first name verynaughty? 
Butterfly Love: wait I know what it is it is rebuilding it too many  times and still have to do it one more time.... 
"VeryNaughty Mom": yes it is 
69firebird: well as a matter of fact she was here  
"Bunny": I would like to see the race 
goke: ok I'll race you then! 
Very Naughty MG: But this braindead daughter will save this chatlog, so they can see I get impersonated in here!!!!!   and thatb is why I have started my war 
68impala SS427: well..... 
69firebird: ok goke lets race 
"VeryNaughty Mom": go ahead 
"VeryNaughty Mom": fool 
"Bunny": on your mark 
Butterfly Love: ODD no one is resonding am I invisible or what!!   SEE YA 
goke: just watch out for the fire 69 
Very Naughty MG: TRYST ME....I WILL 
goke: wait 
Shilo: who is impersonating you MG???  
Very Naughty MG: TRUST 
69firebird: hold on 
68impala SS427: i see you, BL... 
goke: do girls get a lead?lol 
Shilo: you said yourself it is a free world and free speach  
"Bunny": get set 
"VeryNaughty Mom": thats right 
goke: well race to shilo when she says go 
"Bunny": go 
Shilo: ok .. ready .. set  
Shilo: go 
goke: not bunny 
RogueHawk: Boy......was my HD thrashing..... 
69firebird: oops!! 
69firebird: restart!!! 
goke: lol I win! 
"VeryNaughty Mom": and im not impersonating you, just your mom 
Shilo: somebody cheated there 
69firebird: no no!! 
goke: ouch..I ran into the pond 
69firebird: i jumped the line!!! 
goke: hehe 
69firebird: clutch slipped 
goke: lol 
Very Naughty MG: the problem is.....if I say what I WANT...I get ejected...........if I ever called ANYONE in here braindead....I was history 
Shilo: you jumped it too early 69 
goke: say when shilo 
Shilo: lets see where you were ejected for calling somebody braindead MG 
69firebird: ready 
Shilo: ready  
Shilo: set 
Shilo: GO 
goke: lol 
Very Naughty MG: get lost Shilo 
goke: I kept going 
"VeryNaughty Mom": its my opinion 
"Bunny": guess I wasn't good enough 
goke: I blew it LOL 
Shilo: now that wasn't nice MG 
Very Naughty MG: FREE SPEECH...remember? 
69firebird: hahaha 
"VeryNaughty Mom": thats right 
goke: bunny you want to race too? 
Shilo: and I just asked a very normal question  
"VeryNaughty Mom": and your brain dead 
Very Naughty MG: it is my opinion that you are a bunch of wimps 
"Bunny": sure 
Shilo: sure didn't require a very immature answer from you  
goke: ok come over here 
RogueHawk: VN,...I have you in my contacts as NG, because you have harassed me in the past as well,...and I ejected you for it.  This is a new name for you,...but you will change it,..and I will know when you are on. 
Shilo: and what you said was immature 
"VeryNaughty Mom": and your ol man is ugly too !!! 
RogueHawk: And will expect you to provoke an insedent. 
Very Naughty MG: SO GIVE ME A BREAK....EH 
RogueHawk: As you have with severall AB's And PK's. 
"Bunny": ready 
Shilo: your yelling MG ... we aren't blind or deaf  
goke: I dont see you bunny 
Viking: incident 
RogueHawk: We are verry patient,...because you are still here. 
Very Naughty MG: I am on your list as Naughty Girly????????????? 
goke: ok I see oyu 
69firebird: she is by me 
Shilo: very patient 
69firebird: ok i am set 
goke: shilo say when 
Shilo: WHEN 
RogueHawk: You will be on it no matter what name you use. 
Shilo: you win goke  
goke: :) 
"hsds": hi hawk 
"Bunny": didn't take that seriously sorry :( 
Very Naughty MG: I wanna know if I am on your list right now as naughty girly? 
goke: lots of practice :) 
69firebird: she did not!!! 
"hsds": hi goke 
Shilo: she did so 69 
69firebird: goke u paying her? 
goke: hi hsds 
Shilo: you were still standing there waiting for a go from me  
RogueHawk: You are a Problem Child.  as I call them. 
Shilo: LOLOL 
"hsds": m/f? 
goke: I dont cheat 
RogueHawk: And now,....more PK's and AB's know this. 
Shilo: LOL 
Shilo: way to go goke 
Very Naughty MG: you know RH.............I really don't care 
Shilo: hehehe 
goke: thanks :) 
69firebird: ok line up agian!! 
Shilo: hi Streamer 
"hsds": gogke how old r u? 
goke: old as rock 
RogueHawk: I know,....I do:)  I want you to know this.  I care about AW....allot. 
"Bunny": lol 
Very Naughty MG: like your second 
"Streamer": Hi Shilo  
Shilo: How are you tonight? 
69firebird: ready all? 
"hsds": u mean i will have to do carbondating/ 
"Streamer": Hi People 
RogueHawk: It is something I helped Build. 
"Bunny": ready 
goke: sorry if we are running over anyone :) 
goke: yep 
RogueHawk: Clear? 
69firebird: shilo? 
Very Naughty MG: let me tell you something....I am not Naughty just as you made a mistake there 
Shilo: yes 69 
"Streamer": Hi goke  
Very Naughty MG: check the cit number 
69firebird: tell us when 
"Streamer": see shilo finally showeds up  
"hsds": so u r 100 by my research 
Shilo: ok ... GO 
"VeryNaughty Mom": my daughter is a moron   MUHAHAHAHAHAHA 
goke: oh man 
Shilo: goke your getting slow in your old av age 
Very Naughty MG: my name used to be mysterious girl and that's it 
goke: who was the bug? 
69firebird: hahahaa!! 
Very Naughty MG: and btw...I have never talked to you before 
"Bunny": I screwed up again sorry guys 
"VeryNaughty Mom": lol 
RogueHawk: VN MG....Is in my contacts,....I typed NG...this is the name that was in its place. 
goke: its ok :) 
Shilo: yes I showed up Streamer 
"Bunny": It won't happen again 
69firebird: is ok 
"hsds": so old manhow is u're health 
69firebird: i beet ya goke 
goke: huh 
Very Naughty MG: well.....this is me....check the cit number 
Very Naughty MG: and get things right next time 
goke: you werent the bug 
Eric: goke it is me 
Eric: :o) 
Very Naughty MG: try and type Naughty girly there now! 
goke: oh lol 
"hsds": u use stick for walking assistance 
"Streamer": just wanted you to take a look at the place i built  ....turned out pretty nice 
goke: did you race eric? 
Eric: I am going to Oct 31 
Very Naughty MG: is that person a citizen? 
Shilo: had a doc app. today and laid down and had a sleep  
Shilo: ohh ok  
Eric: race? 
69firebird: yeppers! 
Shilo: did you get much built? 
Viking: goodnight everyone 
goke: oh never mind eric and I will be mailing that stuff tommorow to you:) 
RogueHawk: I am quite right,...You seem to be hostile with me...for taking the time to pollitely answer your questions about Bold text. 
"Streamer": you Sick ? ...not enough sleep maby  
68impala: bbl..all 
goke: hi streamer 
goke: bye 68 :) 
Shilo: i will tell you at your place 
"hsds": eric u knoe goke is oldest racer we have he is 100 
Eric: really??? 
"Streamer": had a lot of trouble but it turned out pretty good 
Eric: coolll 
Shilo: I have to find the address  
goke: I am a she lol 
"Streamer": hi 
Eric: I did not race :o) 
"hsds": ya 
Eric: lol 
69firebird: line up here eric! 
goke: then I win again ! lol 
"hsds": hi eric 
Very Naughty MG: I want you to prove that I am Naughty Girly 
Eric: I have tio go!!! 
Very Naughty MG: Put that name on your list 
"Bunny": let's go, I must redeem myself! 
goke: ok 
69firebird: i think not goke 
"hsds": bye eric 
Eric: Hi hsds 
"Streamer": Hi eric 
goke: hehe 
goke: wait 
Just Nick: YES,,,,IT;S OK 
Eric: I am going to Oct 31!!! 
69firebird: i am set 
Shilo: looking for it  
goke: ok 
69firebird: bunny ok? 
"hsds": iis it u're b'day e 
"Bunny": ya 
"VeryNaughty Mom": hmmmm 
goke: wait 
Eric: you guys are racing LOL... ahaha 
Eric: bye! 
goke: eric has to say go 
Very Naughty MG: burning me up there? 
Shilo: got something here .. ready? 
Eric: on your mark 
RogueHawk: I truly would like to finish my job here and play the Midi's.....if you dont mind:) 
Nerissa: OK I give up..who is VG Mum Mysty? 
"Streamer": hey shilo i hate to ask but whats your Boyfriend's name ?? 
Eric: get set 
"VeryNaughty Mom": one can only wish in vr  :) 
"hsds": go 
Eric: and GO 
Eric: hehe 
goke: oh I ose 
Shilo: my boyfriend  
"Bunny": false start 
Very Naughty MG: some idiot 
goke: darn hsds 
"Streamer": bnot that i'm really nosey .. 
69firebird: that was rude hsds!! 
Shilo: hmmmm haven't seen him for so long .. don't know if I have one anymore 
"Streamer": but just wonder 
"Bunny": I'll never get a fair chance 
"hsds":  goke how old? 
"Juke": eekkkk!!! 
"Streamer": where is he 
goke: really old 
Shilo: don't think I have one anymore 
Eric: Ok bye byue 
"Juke": where's the warp out of here? 
Shilo: I don't know  
"hsds": got to go 
goke: just clcik on a world juke 
Shilo: ready to go  
"Streamer": hard to believe  you dont know where he went  
"VeryNaughty Mom": hey mg you look like you dont know if you found a rope or lost a horse 
"Bunny": Where are you from Nerissa? 
Geronimo: Hi everyone 
"hsds": eric lets go for date 
"Juke": yeah but i am playing tag 
"Streamer": where are you going ?? 
Nerissa: Australia Bunny 
goke: hi geranimo 
Shilo: to your place .. isn't that what you wanted to show me 
RogueHawk: Telegram from Very Naughty MG, sent just now:  
you know...I have NEVER talked to you and NG is another are harrasing me and I will keep this chatlog. you are ONLY doing this because of what I am doing with NY and LM 

"Streamer": ok yeassh forgot 
"Bunny": Ah, I have a long lost half sister by that name, very uncommon 
Geronimo: hi goke 
Nerissa: Wow NY and LM 
RogueHawk: Really?? 
"Streamer": ok see you there have the cord 
Nerissa: Who are they? 
Shilo: I think so  
"hsds": hi geronimo 
Shilo: wow .. you are doing that on purpose MG .. geeezzz 
Very Naughty MG: doing what?????  
"Bunny": I take it the race is over? 
RogueHawk: Telegram from Very Naughty MG, sent just now:  
I asked you to check the refused...THAT is mature!!!!!!!!!! THAT was are too childish for me 

Geronimo: hi hsds 
goke: we can race again 
"hsds": ya totoise won bunny 
RogueHawk: I am warning you to stop your telegrams now. 
"Bunny": you mean Ican try 
goke: if someone is at the other end 
Very Naughty MG: OR-ELSE!!!!! 
Nerissa: Hey MG who is NG? 
"hsds": gero where from/ 
"Streamer": 11363n   51w 
"Bunny": what was that hsds? 
RogueHawk: 1st warning. 
"VeryNaughty Mom": if brains were gas, you wouldent have enough gas to put in a red ants motorcycle to ride half way around the inside of a cherre-o     just my opinion 
"hsds": bunny u do'nt knoe story of bunny & tortoise/ 
rushman: goke u are a loser!!!hahaaa 
"Bunny": hehehehe 
rushman: i beat u twice!! 
goke: what! 
"Bunny": certainly 
rushman: i beat u 2 times!! 
goke: when? 
rushman: what do u mean i didnt? 
"hsds": that's what i meant 
"Bunny": k 
rushman: we raced 3 times and u won 1 and I 2 
goke: did he bunny? 
"hsds":  bye everyone 
goke: bye hsds 
"Bunny": did we go through a name change 
rushman: yes this is my real name 
goke: hmmm I dont know 
"Bunny": I thought you raced 69 
"hsds": bye goke 
rushman: was 69firebird 
goke: Yeah..I dont remeber rushman 
rushman: cause other cars wrer here too!! 
goke: oh lol 
"Bunny": Goke won 2 times sorry rushman:( 
goke: well I won! 
goke: hehe 
rushman: ooopps forgot about that name thing!!hahaha 
"Bunny": let's go 
"VeryNaughty Mom": :) 
RogueHawk: Moon,...will you take the Music for me?  Need a break;) 
Very Naughty MG: is this a personal problem you have with me....RH? 
rushman: u liar goke!!! 
goke: gee..why could that be lol RH 
goke: I never lie :) 
rushman: yeah ok!!haha 
goke: only to men lol 
RogueHawk: Not at all,...Just enforcing "Community Standards" Per Jetta Lewis.  I am sure you are a nice person. 
rushman: oh i see... 
goke: j/k 
Very Naughty MG: oh...are you now.....1 minute ago you said harrased you before 
rushman: one of those types hey!! 
goke: I am a very honest person 
Very Naughty MG: and I have never talked to you before 
rushman: yeah sure 
goke: thats why Im poor 
goke: If I could lie I figure I would be rich 
rushman: i bet u are 
rushman: how come 
RogueHawk: One minute ago I was o0n the web.....this is your second warning to stop harassing . 
Very Naughty MG: i asked you to check the name naughty girly to see if that person was still a refused 
goke: dirt poor really 
RogueHawk: on 
"Bunny": But if you were a liar you would say you were honest 
goke: hmmm 
"Bunny": not that you aren't honest 
rushman: ah true bunny 
goke: I guess a liar would say that 
Very Naughty MG: am I harrasing you??????  but you are supposed to help people....arn't you? 
"Bunny": just a hypothetical 
goke: somebody need help here? 
rushman: so u are a liar?? 
goke: maybe an aspirin? 
goke: no not me :) 
"Bunny": you'll never know 
rushman: hahahaha 
"Bunny": let's race 
"Bunny": I'm ready 
goke: ok 
"Bunny": I think 
rushman: well its been fun playing but i have to sleep too!!! 
goke: well race to very naughty 
"VeryNaughty Mom": is lady moonstar here tonight ?? 
rushman: oh ok one more 
goke: chicken! lol 
"Bunny": k 
"Bunny": he is afraid 
RogueHawk: Yes you have been,....and some others here as well.  You seem to want to provoke a boot. 
Lady Moonstar: yes iam 
goke: who says go? 
"Bunny": you beat him too bad alrready 
rushman: i am ready girls! 
"VeryNaughty Mom": hello ladymoonstar  long time no see !! 
goke: hes ahead of me 
"stuff": the girls aren't ready for you 
Lady Moonstar: hello 
goke: step back rush 
"stuff": lol 
rushman: move up goke Duh! 
"Bunny": hehehehe 
Immigration Officer: Lord HardDriven would like to join you.  Type 'y' to accept this request, or 'n' to reject it. 
Lady Moonstar: goke take over midis please 
rushman: i am in line with bunny!! 
goke: oh lol 
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Lord HardDriven. 
"VeryNaughty Mom": how have you been ? 
goke: ok 
"stuff": hi bunny 
rushman: now who starts us? 
"Bunny": big D? 
Lady Moonstar: thank you 
V W o: u 
goke: you guys go  Ill say when 
rushman: hey stuff can u count? 
"stuff": i'm not sure the girls WANT to be ready for you 
"stuff": yeah why? 
"Bunny": is that you? 
goke: reasdy  
goke: set 
"Bunny": hey you have to give us the go 
rushman: maybe u can start the race then? 
goke: go 
"stuff": me? 
goke: bunny won! 
"stuff": 5 
"stuff": 4 
"stuff": 3 
rushman: hold on goke! 
goke: lol brb 
"stuff": 2 
"stuff": 1 
"Bunny": did I falsestart? 
"stuff": 00!!! gooo!!! 
"stuff": she cheated 
rushman: maybe a little bunny!! 
"stuff": yeah 
"stuff": jumped the gun 
"stuff": come back 
rushman: try agian 
"Bunny": I'll get this right one of these days 
"stuff": ok 
"stuff": hurry 
"VeryNaughty Mom": thank goodness for freedom of speach 
Lord HardDriven: VNMG say something so I know where you are : ) 
"stuff": or you'll be disqulified 
Very Naughty MG: something :o) 
"stuff": disqualified 
"stuff": there ya are 
"stuff": get back at the starting line 
Lord HardDriven: Woah babe of an avatar you got there : ) 
"Bunny": rushman, waiting patiently 
"stuff": ready? 
Very Naughty MG: hehe 
rushman: i am ready 
"stuff": ok 
"stuff": from 10 
rushman: to the road ok? 
"stuff": 9 
"stuff": 8 
"VeryNaughty Mom": MUHAHAHAHAHA 
Lord HardDriven: Read what you asked me to read, pitifull just pitifull 
"Bunny": hang on 
"stuff": 7 
"stuff": 6 
"stuff": 5 
"stuff": 4 
"stuff": 5 
"stuff": 6 
"Bunny": wait 
"stuff": 7 
"stuff": ok 
"stuff": tell me when your ready 
"Bunny": where is goke? 
"stuff": forget goke 
"stuff": he went to get a coke 
rushman: what now bunny have to do your nails??? 
"Bunny": get down here goke 
"stuff": and smoke 
rushman: hahaa 
"stuff": but he choked 
"Bunny": hehe 
"Bunny": ok go 
Lord HardDriven: Not what was wrote but what it was about, that is. 
rushman: goke is brb 
"stuff": goke ain't commin 
"Bunny": k 
"stuff": just race 
"VeryNaughty Mom": wow  mg you can sure dish it out but cant take it huh 
"stuff": ready??? 
"stuff": 10 
"stuff": 9 
"Bunny": gogogogo 
"stuff": 8 
"stuff": 7 
"stuff": 6 
Very Naughty MG: TRUST ME.......I CAN TAKE IT! 
"stuff": 5 
"stuff": 4 
"stuff": 3 
"stuff": 2 
"stuff": 1 
"stuff": 000!!!! 
"stuff": and their off! 
Very Naughty MG: you are just too pathetic for me 
"VeryNaughty Mom": you sure dont act it 
"Bunny": were we supposed to go on 1 or 0? 
"stuff": 0 
Very Naughty MG: I am just making sure I have this log saved 
"Bunny": k 
"stuff": its an impressive win 
Very Naughty MG: bye HD...bye AAmie :o) 
Lord HardDriven: Hey who was talking about freedom of speech? Don't you know you're in America? 
"stuff": by a very cute girl 
"VeryNaughty Mom": no YOU are the pathetic one 
rushman: did i win? 
"stuff": hehe 
Lord HardDriven: It doesn't exist except for the elite few 
"Bunny": nono 
"stuff": sorry rush... 
"VeryNaughty Mom": go ahead ive done nothing wrong 
"stuff": no.. 
"stuff": nice try though 
Very Naughty MG: so true...HD :o) 
"Bunny": one more time, I promise 
"stuff": from what i heard 
"stuff": bunnys can run pretty fast 
goke: back 
rushman: i did too u guys are cheatin!!! 
rushman: hahaaa 
"stuff": aw man 
"stuff": lol 
goke: you just sat there rush lol 
"Bunny": you did 
"stuff": i'm not cheating! 
Very Naughty MG: except for hiding behind a tourist don't have the guts to show who you are 
"VeryNaughty Mom": and im not even a member of the aw team either , and i dont care what you like or dislike either 
"stuff": ok..noe more 
"stuff": one more 
"Bunny": k 
"stuff": ready? 
"stuff": ok 
"stuff": 10 
"Bunny": ya 
Very Naughty MG: good for you 
rushman: ya 
"stuff": 9 
"stuff": 8 
"stuff": 7 
"stuff": 6 
"stuff": 5 
"stuff": 4 
"stuff": 3 
"stuff": 2 
"stuff": run on zero 
"stuff": 1 
"stuff": 00!!! 
"stuff": go go 
Lord HardDriven: Perhaps the fact you don't care is the problem? 
"stuff": rush man 
goke: hmmm 
"stuff": run faster 
"stuff": haha 
"Bunny": did I win? 
Lord HardDriven: Hey Goke... 
goke: that was  a hard call 
"stuff": come back 
goke: hi lord 
"stuff": rushman wins! 
rushman: i think not 
rushman: yeah!!!! 
"Bunny": I won unbelievable 
"stuff": lucky though 
Lord HardDriven: Whhere can one find a place to build and an object yard for this world? 
rushman: nanannanaaa!!!hahaa 
"VeryNaughty Mom": i just think you are a rude little woman with nothing better to do then make empty complaints about how you have been wronged here 
goke: there is a red sign  
rushman: thanks for the fun bunny!!! 
Very Naughty MG: to hide behind a tourist name just shows how pathetic you are 
"Bunny": yes I did, fair and square 
rushman: have to run now!! 
"Bunny": bye 
Lord HardDriven: Boy do I feel stupid : ) 
goke: the top left red sign click on it and it will take you to the object yard :) 
"stuff": hey bunny 
"stuff": ummm...since you won and all? 
"stuff": i mean...the first time 
"stuff": hehe 
rushman: see ya agian 
Very Naughty MG: how would you know who I am if you arn't a member here 
"Bunny": sleep well 
Very Naughty MG: ?? 
rushman: night 
goke: bye 
rushman: night goke 
"stuff": would you mind if i  
"stuff": well this may be pathetic 
"stuff": give you a victory kiss? 
"stuff": hehe 
goke: sleep well :) 
"Bunny": oh please  
Lady Moonstar: goke thank you for keeping the mids going:) 
goke: lol 
AAmie o: mom  ~  y r u provokink? 
"Bunny": where are ya? 
goke: can you hear them? 
"GrayHawk": hello 
"VeryNaughty Mom": there are a lot of lil kids here that come here and this is a clean world, 
Very Naughty MG: and you know what..I don't care how you findme!!!!!!! 
"Bunny": get over here ya big hunk 
Very Naughty MG: well...out from this chatlog will show that I didn't say ONE word to you 
"VeryNaughty Mom": no need to over voice oppinions 
"stuff": where is who? 
"GrayHawk": Bugs are you flirting again? 
"Alma": Hello 
Very Naughty MG: you started this impersonating sh** 
Lord HardDriven: Goke 
getoverit: hi goke 
goke: yes? 
Very Naughty MG: so who is 
"stuff": bunny? 
"VeryNaughty Mom": no just that im impersonating you when i am not 
Very Naughty MG: Close enough! 
"stuff": um...would you mind? 
"Bunny": big D? 
"stuff": hehe 
"GrayHawk": yes 
"VeryNaughty Mom": i dont think so 
Lord HardDriven: So Goke where is open land? 
"Bunny": I thought you were stuff 
"stuff": it's worth a shot 
goke: did you find it lord? 
"stuff": oh ok 
"stuff": wooohoo!!! 
Lord HardDriven: I found the red sign : ) 
"GrayHawk": huh? 
Lady Moonstar: why are you cursing VN?? 
goke: youll need to send Jetta an e-mail 
Very Naughty MG: you are not worth it and you are muted! 
"stuff": wiat 
"stuff": you keep running off 
Lord HardDriven: Oh pooh 
Very Naughty MG: was I cursing....don't think so 
"stuff": there ya are 
Lord HardDriven: Does Jetta reply quickly? 
"stuff": you ready? 
"VeryNaughty Mom": my feelings are devistated 
"Bunny": I mistook you for someone else 
goke: the mailbox is over here 
goke: yes 
"stuff": oh ok 
Lady Moonstar: you will be ejected next time you curse evan if you use ******** these 
Lord HardDriven: Okay thanks 
"stuff": stop running would ya? 
Lady Moonstar: byhind the word 
"GrayHawk": so are we having fun in here? 
"Bunny": no kissess 
"stuff": i can't be that bad of a kisser 
"stuff": *peck* 
"stuff": haha 
Lord HardDriven: Ejected for astericks man that's kind of harsh 
"stuff": too late 
Geronimo: sheesh, does anybody ever get alone in here? 
Geronimo: bye 
"Bunny": I'msure your not 
Lady Moonstar: hallo geranimo:) 
"stuff": congrats 
"stuff": hehe 
Lady Moonstar: please do no leave 
goke: we all did until ... 
"VeryNaughty Mom": this is a family place  :) 
"Bunny": GH you are a woman 
"stuff": i got to kiss her!!!!!  
"GrayHawk": bugs you big flirt!! 
Lady Moonstar: is only imatur trublemakers that like do this 
"stuff": haha 
"Bunny": come protect me 
"GrayHawk": opps 
"GrayHawk": lol 
"GrayHawk": nice butt though! 
getoverit: hmmmmm 
"Bunny": hehehe 
"stuff": i'll leave you alone... 
"stuff": i just wanted to say i kissed ya 
"stuff": and survived 
AAmie o: am I missing something here??? 
"GrayHawk": stuff 
Lady Moonstar: (*(*(*(*(*(*(*(*ROMEO)*)*)**)*)* 
"stuff": barely though.. 
"Bunny": o.k come gimme a big kiss 
goke: where is that darn mailbox? 
"GrayHawk": dont do it bro she bites 
Lady Moonstar: hallo ammie:)) 
getoverit: *****S******** 
AAmie o: what the heck is going on?? 
"stuff": *mmmhhh** 
Very Naughty MG: AAmie.......tell me I allowed to say SH**?????? 
Lord HardDriven: Yeah where is it Goke? 
"stuff": *faints* 
Lady Moonstar: goke they now must email gineric 
"Bunny": lol 
"stuff": woah! 
Lady Moonstar: or telagram her 
goke: Im looking 
"stuff": man... 
goke: oh ok 
"stuff": *is dizzy* 
Lady Moonstar: her email is on the red sign 
"Bunny": tht was great 
goke: you get that lord? 
"stuff": i'll say 
"GrayHawk": i have known her for years and she never kissed me!! 
"stuff": *was knocked off his feet and hit the ground* 
"Bunny": hi 
"stuff": haha 
AAmie o: far as I can se there is nothing wrong with it 
"stuff": i'm just an expert thats all 
"stuff": but i hit my head 
"stuff": ouch! 
"GrayHawk": lol  
Very Naughty MG: just wanted to get your opinion 
"Bunny": gimme a kiss big D 
"GrayHawk": no! 
"stuff": hey 
"stuff": are you just kissing everyone now? 
"stuff": *sniff* i thought i was special 
"Bunny": thanks alot AF 
"GrayHawk": she is a flirt i'm telling you bro 
Lord HardDriven: I just see an email for sending pics LM 
"stuff": she suuure is cute though 
"stuff": =) 
"Bunny": sorry stuff your the one for me 
goke: ther bottom one 
"stuff": woohoo! 
Lady Moonstar: yes lord that is fine:) 
"GrayHawk": one word breath mint 
"VeryNaughty Mom": good bye everybody  !! 

* Active Worlds chat session: Thu Oct 15, 1998 15:34 * 

"stuff": *is doing  his victory dance* 
"GrayHawk": ok well two words lol 
Lady Moonstar: goodby vn mom:)) 
Lady Moonstar: take care:) 
"stuff": woohoo! 
goke: where it has the address 
"stuff": watch this spin 
goke: by vn :) 
"Bunny": gonna go for a quick smoke 
"stuff": i got the moves! 
"Bunny": brb 
"stuff": aw man 
"stuff": you smoke? 
Lord HardDriven: Okay I'll take your word for it since you are a PK or whatever they call it here : ) 
goke: ok bunny 
"stuff": aaaa 
Lady Moonstar: th?? 
"VeryNaughty Mom": good bye all nice americans 
"GrayHawk": bunny? 
Lady Moonstar: will you sing your song for me please:) 
"Bunny": yes? 
AAmie o: cya :) 
Lady Moonstar: rh?:) 
"stuff": bunnys shouldn't smoke 
"GrayHawk": where r u going? 
Lady Moonstar: aamie you leaving? 
"Bunny": bunny's shouldn't kiss stuff 
"GrayHawk": lol 
"stuff": bunnys do though 
AAmie o: soon  :) 
"Bunny": for a quick smoke, can you read? 
"GrayHawk": heheheh 
"GrayHawk": grrrr 
"GrayHawk": dont be rude! 
"Bunny": I love you 
Lady Moonstar: well i beter hug you now and wish you a good day 
"stuff": i hope your talking about msmoked sausage 
"GrayHawk": u better 
"Bunny": brb 
RogueHawk: Yezzzz?:) 
Lady Moonstar: i may no see you leave 
"stuff": who do you love? 
"Bunny": gimme five 
AAmie o: stopped in to find some strange goings on  :( 
"Bunny": big D 
"stuff": who's big d? 
Lady Moonstar: yes i know aamie shes truble 
V W o: l0l 
Lady Moonstar: she trives on it 
AAmie o: Thanx  *hugz* 
"Bunny": grayhawk 
"GrayHawk": stuff you look like fairy when u do that (no offense) 
"Bunny": brb 
Lady Moonstar: just blow her off 
goke: hi getoverit:) 
"stuff": aw man 
"Bunny": lol 
"Bunny": hehehehe 
"stuff": that sucks 
"stuff": i kissed her! 
AAmie o: I see a lot of other provoking too tho 
"stuff": hahaa 
getoverit: hi;)) i said hi looooong time ago lolol 
Lady Moonstar: aamie she stats it 
"stuff": i got farther in 10 seconds than you did in years 
"stuff": i'm good! 
Lady Moonstar: never fails 
"stuff": you have to admit 
goke: sorry I get kind of busy 
getoverit: hi Alma 
"stuff": lol 
"GrayHawk": look at me and tell me i dont look like one 
Lady Moonstar: we are not going to put up with it any more 
AAmie o: maybe so 
"Alma": hi getoverit 
AAmie o: but 
Lady Moonstar: none of us 
AAmie o: do we provoke it???? 
Very Naughty MG: thank you for saying that....this log will prove you are lying LM 
"stuff": i have to look better than you when i do it 
AAmie o: do we make it worse??? 
"GrayHawk": lol 
V W o: how do get? 
"GrayHawk": yeah u prance much better 
Lady Moonstar: you are welcome VN:) 
"GrayHawk": :) 
goke: this midis better :) 
"GrayHawk": lol  stop that!!! 
"stuff": you gotto have the steps man 
Immigration Officer: Welcome to AlphaWorld!  Please do not use any automated building tools (including "robobuilder" or keyboard macros) in AlphaWorld.  Thanks! 

* Active Worlds chat session: Thu Oct 15, 1998 15:39 * 

"Trent": oh cool our love muffins are still here 
A l e a: right here Trenty pie :)) 
(end of chatlog extract) 

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