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Simon Says' Cyber Biosphere Simon Says walks the face of the Web. Sometimes he digs in deep. Wanna walk in Simon's footsteps? Here's some links that will help you experience great things and feel a bit like Simon Says.
  • This first one will keep you busy for years :
  • But Simon Says will probably be easier located in Active worlds. Ain't got the browser yet? Check out :
  • Since you will probably be a tourist in Active worlds, you'll need a way to let Simon Says know where you are. You could ask Citizens to Telegram me, but you better get in touch via ICQ. Send Tripper a message and it will be passed on to Simon. Get ICQ at
  • This is just a small corner of Simon Says' biotope, but it will give you a start. And a good start is a the best thing that can happen to you, except maybe for ..... well, you fill this in.

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