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  Well, I guess some of you have read my homesite and  probably seen the goals that Simon Says has set for himself. As a matter of fact one of the goals is to get in a real life magazine. To be known through other media, to be multi-media, if you like...... Well, it looks like I'm gonna be multi-media before februari is even half gone. But it won't be on hard copy, though. 

A kind man of the BBC has visited the AWWoS offices. He's been asking questions about AW, AWWoS, Virtual life..... Weird, when RL and VR get mixed. Too bad we had this interview on a rather quiet time in AW. We only saw a few Australians and a few europeans. But that's all right, I guess. The shock with VR may have been too big..... 

I realized that for ppl with only half a life (no VR-life that is) this environment looks like a game at first. You actually don't "see" real people, you don't talk but type, you play a role, you're not yourself.... Then comes the fear when they realize it's not entirely a game. The internet is full of hackers, thieves, bandits and digital bush robbers. There's too much dirt on the net..... How can somebody spend his spare time in a VR-environment on the internet and not get corrupted by all that filth?  Fellow citizens, we are stigmatized ! We're freaks, moreover ...... WE ARE UNCONTROLLABLE !!! And a human being with his/her brains where they should be (nothing said about the functioning, though) would never or only under the treath of severe penalty submit him/herself to such dangers as seen on the net. 

That is the treshold to get over for lots of people before they can go use the internet fully, it seems. Well, I must say that the interviewer was kind to let me tell what I wanted to tell. He only reminded me of things I should have told and didn't already. For those hoping or fearing that there was juicy stuff in there, I must respectively dissapoint and assure them nothing of all that. Yours truly tried to keep or give the online communities a good name. 

At a given moment (the interviewer pointed it out to me) I was referring to my avatar in the third person. Imagine how detached I am of my own VR-life. I started to wonder if that was sane or insane. Had I gone too far, or just not far enough? I must admit I don't really know. And I don't really care. But if I had to chose..... I'd rather keep making the distinction between the two of me. Each of us has his own place in space. Simon and me, we're brothers in arms, two of a feather, a jigsaw puzzle that's complete. But we're different. We'll stay different and both are happy with that. 

So, readers, excuse me for confusing you. It probably won't happen too much, that I'm talking about the biological me in the paper. But, you see, some paths are leading to unexpected destinations (not always Rome) and this one just crossed the RL path. Can't say it didn't feel good. But I won't look for it too much. For those interested, Feb. 13th the interview will be broadcasted on BBC 3. Other citizens, owners etc..... will have their say too. Let's hope the BBC puts it on the net. We'll keep you informed on this. After all, Simon Says knows what vanity is LOL. 

Anyway, in the meantime, enjoy reading AWWoS....

Simon Says 
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