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"We all need a hug, don't we ?"

 From the desk of Dr. CHERi Love  *Hugz Cheri

If you ever see a friend who needs a hand,
Give them a hand and help them get up.
Let your hands and mind reach out
And let them know that you are there to help them.
No one can get through anything alone,
One always needs a friend to be there for them.
Sometimes one feels as though they want to give up,
But a true friend will never let you.
Things always seem difficult to do when
One has no encouragement.
But with encouragement and confidence
From a friend,

Hugs are warm
Hugs are nice
Hugs are ways
To break the ice
If you send me a hug
You won't regret
I'll hug you back
So you can't forget!

A hug is just a way to say,
I love you in a special way,
To tell that someone special,
I care about you in every way.

When you shed a tender tear
a hug is sure to be near.
When you're trembling in fear
a hug will come from someone dear.

Wrap your arms around someone near
In your hug is the circle of life.
A new beginning to an endless day
A ray of hope to light your way.

Take a hug and pass it on
don't save them up it can't be done.
Share them with family and friends,
share them whenever you can.

A hug will make you "aahh"
A hug will make you "oohh"
A hug will make you smile
A hug will make you feel great.

A hug lightens up your day
A hug throws away your loads
A hug strengthens your ties
A hug makes you feel important.

Stop! Take a break!
A hug is harmless
It only takes a little of our time
Why not share a hug?
We all need a hug, don't we?

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