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AWTeen open

AWTeen, a world created by a team of young AW-users opened on Saturday. "Parented" by Lucrezia Borgia a group worked very hard for Several weeks  on this world.  And it shows. It's open to the public for building, ouside a perimeter of 250 metres each direction from GZ. 
The local caretakers are called TCops. At least they didn't choose for a eufemistic word. The TCops were trained by the PK. I just hope they trained them in the spirit of vsitors assistance, rather than visitors ejection.

I visited GZ and was a bit surprised of all the signs there.

These signs state very explicitly what is, or better, what is not allowed and what will make you subject to ejection. Clear ans simple, full stop.

 It could be due to the opening of it, but the TCops were "very" present there. Your reporter came back to the office, a bit nerveous of all that bold. 

Anyway, the chat was rather friendly and i didn't notice a lot of the attitude that sometimes makes AW GZ smell like the restrooms of a pub after a student's party. 

Quite a peace of work. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

Music1 World
 Maybe you all, readers of AWWoS, could check out Music1. 
A recently opened world with, as far as i could see, almost no contents yet. 
Builders wanted! Contact Music1 for info.

Welcoming Party for "Diva"
This saturday there was a welcoming party for "Diva". The "créme de la créme" of AW's dissident population was attending. Subjects of discussion were : food, restrooms, throwing up and lurking.  The average  midi rated between "bad taste" and "unbearable". A chatlog would be too much for this magazine, so we let the pics all over this page speak for themselves.

Anyway, guys I enjoyed being there. 

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