The Active Worlds Watch on Sunday (Dec. 6, 1998)
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(Rolands Speech. Chatlog by Little Cupid)
Ewasx :  "Nobles & Commoners"
(Disappointment on Colony)
French Roast :"Busiless" 
G-Files (3) : The Grounds Revisited.
(Impression of Atlantis)
New World Coming up :
(cooking lessons and a free recipe!)

and .......
- Job Offerings : Need a Job for the holidays? 
- Heartache Avenue
- Shorts : Post-its from this week.
- A word from the chief editor
- Weather forecast for AW GZ
- Dirty Laundry : Rumours and suspicions

SOON : OFFICIAL AWWoS Party !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(AWWoS subscribers will be notified first, e-mail to, "subscribe AWWoS" in the subject line)

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