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Dirty Laundry : Da Rat Makes the Front Page !

1. What does <:3 mean?
2. Mistaken identity
3. Desk-landing
4. Welcome to Diva......
5. Desk-landing 2
1. Look at it like this (from left to right) : a nose, the eyes and the ears. Those who love me, put this up all around AW. Make Da Rat Rule ! 
 <:3 <:3 <:3

2. Da Rats e-mail addy :
Please, dear readers, dont send any messages to me that are for Simon Says ! I have a lot to forward and he doesn't trust me anyway. Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once :
Da Rat is Da Rat!
And it's not because I could persuade Tripper to put my tag on the frontpage, that i'm a friend of Simon says. 

3. This landed on my desk last week : 

"What about our friends Borg33 and Harumi.....Lets just say this Reliable source KNOWS all is going well with there "first" meeting:)))Looks like another yellow romance gone good;) ". 


4. Poor Simon, he didn't even realise what he was invited for. The welcome party for Diva looked like the a scene from the Godfather, where all the gangsters sit together and draw up some plans. Even when they were talking about some pics, showing a mafioso-type kinda guy, he ignored still where he had landed. Wake up Simon Says, that was the Banana Republic gathering there..... at least part of it. And yes, the rat was there too <:3
Lurking a bit, nibbling a bit from the food that was around there. And mgib, check your restaurant.... I dropped a few, here and there....

5. AW must be going down.... (as if we didn't know) read this :

While AW was down, m0e slipped into City4All to do his building.
18.8S 9.1E 0.0a 90
So much of COF, do or die

And we all know who m0e is, don't we? Some of us might even have been ejected by him........LOL

 <:3   The Rat in the Laundromat

Any resemblance to real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.


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