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Job Offerings.




Your function :

- Do the dishes after the citizens of Yellowstone have had their Greek meal.

Your profile :

- You know how to handle a broom.rwx..

Positive differentiators are :

- You're very creative with super glue and you don't get stuck to the repaired dishes.

We offer :

- The presence of the Yellowstone regulars.
- A nomination for the CY-awards.

Contact :

(offer stands)
Bot writers for the AWWoS Party.

Your function :

- Write Botscripts for the AWWoS party (guide-bot, dj-bot, chat-bot , whatever....)
- Run them at the party.

Your profile :

- You hate bots and you want to prove that bots can be fun, if programmed by the right people.
- You love bots, and want to prove the same thing....

The offer :

- You're the second to know when the party will be held.
- You know the greater part of the playlist before the others do, so you can practice.
- The standard AWWoS package : gratitude, respect and fame.

Contact :

Simon Says 
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