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Weather forecast for AW GZ 


Forecast for week of 6  thru 13 december 

Well, well.... Roland himself came to show the new objects on GZ as soon as AW was up and running again. Really looked like Santa Claus giving presents. It was fun watching the GZ-ers sniffing around and unwrapping. 
While AW was down, some builders took off to find new horizons and that might make some PK's a bit nerveous.
A lot of builders are happy though (read the ng's) and forgot the "hell-week"......... 
Anyway, next week's forecast :

All ratings based on an average of 2 visits of 1 hour each, per day 
- Public speech :  Every visit.
- First warnings :   1out of 2.
- Second warnings : 1out of 5.
- Ejected tourists :  1out of 13.
- Ejected citizens :  1 out of 26.
- Overall rating of the coming week :  There will be snow on GZ. But it won't last. Heated discussions make it melt partly, and there will be a dirty, slippery layer all over the place. 
Longer term tendency : Slowly improving, we said last week, but it seems to be exactly the opposite. We'll monitor as much as possible to avoid upleasant "surprises".
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