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Is "busiless" English?...

 By mgib Something I find amazing about English language is its capacity to create new words from brewing what exists.
 And not only to support a new thing or concept but also to shorten some expressions. All this without the screams from the Academy desperately hanging on its mummified language.

 I could see Simon Says started his pilgrim among GZs to distribute his chef's hats. Now you can see he's the Chief Editor! He didn't chose the meanest places. A good excuse chit-chatting here and there and getting few extra beers for free. Who would dare to refuse him anything, now one knows why he's there? :)

 I felt a bit sad about these gazillions of empty places in AW. What could be done? Shouldn't they deserve too some appreciation? (Please don't talk to me about Awards, I try to be serious a minute:) ) A problem: most are private worlds dedicated for private or limited use. Anyone is most welcome, but all is done to please the owner and some relatives first. Appreciation for what isn't the main purpose isn't fair. Some aren't for public purpose and say it. Some don't. Some are but don't say it. How to make the difference?

 I thought at least one category was for visitors, by definition. Business worlds.  But sometimes it's difficult to say. 
 Some don't clearly announce they are for business. 
 Others are chameleons. They look like some public places but may change to business for a couple of minutes. The time the owner needs to abruptly change the rules. They remind me of these group pictures, when the photographer says: "Act natural! Be yourself! This is your picture, forget me…but smile, raise your head, behave yourself and don't move until I tell you."

 Finally, I found safer to deal only with official ones. Those with teleports in this category at the Gate.

 But I'm sometimes a lazy person. Before wandering there and force-feeding my cache, I thought it was better to check if such worlds were really alive. Could we call a business at a standstill a "busiless"?  Less than busy. 
 Enquiring on business is interesting. Enquiring on busiless is like testing restaurants for  "Where to dine tonite?" in the Gobi desert.

 Precise statistics on frequency are difficult to make. Changing too fast. I made few readings at high tide, slack and low tide of the whole universe, for a first impression. Taking note of the total so to be able to make the ratio. At least which fraction is captured? Though the ratio is most of the time easy to calculate.

 I didn't feel like naming the companies making busiless (Woops! I mean... business). So not the name of worlds. I'm sure there would be some born idiot "lawyering" about how illegally detrimental it is. I really don't care. But I know Simon Says is a delicate person. And I'm not sure he would find in prison the choice in beers he needs. :)

 So they will be just numbers. Doesn't change much, really.

 Mean of readings for:   low tide stack high tide
Universe as reference  78  191 361
world  #1  0 1.2 1.5
 world  #2 1 1 1
world  #3  0 0 1.2
world  #4 0 0.3 0.8
world  #5 1.5 2 2
world #6 ... to # 13 0 0 0

(rem.: two worlds have a more or less permanent bot counting for one)

 Okay! Now I'm quite embarrassed. What can I say? Any comment would be too cruel. Facts are enough.
Maybe they weren't bad at business? Simply at the wrong place in Busilessland. Some seem slow to understand or to admit it. 

 At least I would like to elaborate on one of them. For this one this is really too sad. This company proved to be very professional and tactful. They provided some useful feature for the community, apart from their business world. 
 Not the only one to do so but they did it with class. Not bragging too much. Not arrogant. Answering thoughtfully some concerns about privacy around their feature. Privacy of users, so unusual for few others!
 Their world? They don't try to sell their stuff. Not even a showroom for immediate business, or even future one. More their image of a company trying to feel what will be the society of to-morrow.
 They considered our community was looking ahead, in unexplored areas so we deserve their best. As less commercial as possible.  How will be our environment to-morrow more than how many TV channels we'll have. 

 They aren't "paid" back. Nothing surprising. I remember a discussion with them at their beginning, telling them they probably missed the niche. The public isn't what you think. And them saying, "we will see", without arrogance or pretending they'll get one million visitors…
 But the most amazing is, now they understand they missed it a bit, they don't insist. In a mail made public we understand they give up. Not totally but they don't go farther with this experience in here. Which means the same in business language.

  There are "good" reasons to cheat when it doesn't work. For the esteem of your boss or your self-esteem.
  And when you are skilled (and they are), it's easy to cheat. E.g., you change the world name a little bit to make it "attractive" and X rated. (Sorry, but as I decided to skip names, you are missing the pun!). Or you could organise a contest, with prizes. More visitors, good statistics. Still no concern for your business, but the shop door rings each time. Count them and report.
 But no. They don't want to do that. They want to face facts. Courageous? That's not the point. Professional first.

I like business when it's well done. And I love business when it's well done while it shows business is not doomed to defy respect of users and their intelligence. Chapeau!



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