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Nobles &  Commoners.

 By Ewasx Have you ever seen Colony world? Don't they have the coolest objects &
avatars? I had heard that a person could build there so one day I took a
little tour. What cool looking places they have in there! The futuristic
objects they have are PERFECT for that Si Fi themed world. I get a feeling of
being in Asimov's famous planet covering city, Trantor when I'm there. I could
tell just how enjoyable it was for the builders who had sites there to make
the great looking spires, monorails, metallic buildings, etc... I was flitting
from site to site, drooling more and more at the possibilities unfolding in my
mind, so I headed out to look for open land, and I headed, and I headed, and I
headed. The land with sites built on them ran out soon enough. What the
majority of the land had was metal textured ground panels. After a while I
decided that I would keep going just to see how far this empty, metallic plain
went. I don't recall the distance but I finally arrived at a very formidable
looking city wall. From there I went all around the area inside the wall but
did not find any building land. I was perplexed. Was this not a public
building world? Who the heck was this Moria person who had all of the land
covered? I then sent an email to AW. The response I eventually received said
"Contact Moria" so I did via email & AW telegrams. More on that later... Well,
I found the Object Yard teleport for Colony, so I went through. What I found
there confused me at first, but it dawned on me what I was seeing soon enough.
There are two Object Yards there. One is called the "General Object Yard" and
the other is the "Resident" OY. I immediately wondered what catagory I was in
but the answer came all too soon. Hoping against hope, I tried to make one of
the flat gray monorail supports from the Resident OY but I knew it wouldn't
work out & the green BI text on my screen after I tried gave me the sad
confermation: I won't even be able to make a mono-rail. That was not a
problem, I found later, because the "General" building areas were partitioned
into 3 X 3 eight meter walk panel plots. Not a lot of area to need a monorail
for I decided. I need to emphasize that I have no problem whatsoever with the
basic object list. It has served me well and will continue to do so, no doubt,
for a long time. So just how does one get to be a "Resident" in Colony? I
might as well be asking my PC that question. My problem is the fact that
Colony world uses the "Resident" building area around GZ to draw ppl in to
explore and to build and then when serious builders get hooked into the
building desire, they get a cold shower when they see what they've been given
to build with here. All of a sudden, Colony world is not much different from
Alpha and I was looking for something different! Maybe it's just me but when I
arrive in a public building world and see so many cool objects that fit so
perfectly into that world's theme and then discover that those cool objects
are not available for me to use, why bother? Why does Colony flaunt their
"Resident" builders' sites so prominently around GZ? It would seem to me that
if Colony's "Resident" builders want to exercise their building muscles, a
non-public building world would be by far the most prudent way to go. They
would not have to restrict access, just building. That way, the "General"
builders don't have the "I can do this here but you can't" attitude shoved
into their faces (at the very least, they could have put the "Resident" OY in
another place so "General" builders don't have to see what they can't use
every time they go there). The "Resident" builders who were allowed to build
inside the wall no doubt had fantastic fun creating their great Si-Fi sites.
No doubt also, the "Resident" builders wanted to showcase their cool places
for all to see and I have absolutely no problem with that. EVERY builder wants
that, including "General" builders. BTW, it's been over a month and I still
have not heard from Moria. Maybe that's another reason why I couldn't find any
recently built "General" sites.
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