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  Three letters, one question. This must be the question that, if not asked explicitly, can be found underneath the surface of almost every conversation.

Why did AW go down ?

Why did it take so long to have it running again ?

Why do I make this magazine every week ?

Why do people read AWWoS ?

Why don't they reinstate Protagonist ?

Why do we need Peacekeepers ?

Why are those postings deleted ?

Why do we spend our time in AW ?

Why do some of us want to leave AW ?

Why bother ?

I'm sure you can find more of those. But who cares for the answers? Some of these questions, I can answer, others are yours to contemplate on... and some are what you and me might ask ourselves. These questions are typical to either very young people that learn how the world is  shaped or by ignorant grown-ups.

This ignorance isn't related to the answers themselves, rather than to the simple fact one isn't supposed to as questions that should be left unanswered (so say the unwritten laws of life). If one does so, however, it seems to be considered as prove of this person's complete lack of politness. Or that person must be a real p.i.t.a.. 

Personally i think it's prove that the one asking this, didn't fall asleep along the way. That there's sharpness and openess of mind. Yeah, eactly like this little kid, looking at the big world and wondering why it's turning around.

In cas you were wondering...... yes please, send me your answers, but first......

Enjoy reading AWWoS.

Simon Says 
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