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The Active Worlds Watch on Sunday 

The first Human Intrest Sunday Paper on Active Worlds on the Web.

The construction of the AWWS building.

Simon Says is chief editor of a High Quality Paper on the happenings in Active Worlds. It brings you the hot news, the flaming scoops, the deep interviews, the highly intelligent comments and the daring columns you are looking for since ages. You aren't convinced? Check out the "ACTIVE WORLDS WATCH on SUNDAY". You might be in it...... So if our photographers turn up at the party you were attending show your best side and don't act like you do at home. That makes very dull stories.

While you read this our brand new offices in Alpha World are being built. It's a state of the art building that is calculated to last for years as the paper grows. You'll all have the chance to visit as soon as it opens. The picture below shows that it's one of the most multi-functional buildings in AW. Large floors that can be divided in several rooms as needed. It's cool design is softened and "humanised" by the back wall, which gives the building a touch of heaven, while it keeps its distinguished and pure functional look. By the way, this building is designed by one of, if not the finest lady builders in AW : Betty B.

AWWS building under construction

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