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Dirty Laundry : Rat to be exterminated.....


  Protagonist and COF(continued).   

 AWWoS starts advertising  

A citizen in every issue of AWWoS  

Dirty nicknames. 

Sabotage !

Midnight Madness was mad last monday..... She feared that people would think she, herself stole a credit card. Well for those who read it that way : she didn't steal it !!!!!!! Hope we will be on speaking terms again, MM. 

Never knew people that could keep silent so long. This thing must be very important..... REINSTATE COMMUNICATION and PROTAGONIST ! Well, before being able to RE-instate something, it has to have been there in the first place...... Aren't you about to explode, guys? (I guess Simon Says can forget his News-stand on AW GZ, now...... lol). 

 I better warn you, dear readers, Simon Says is playing with the idea of going commercial. He will be selling laundry services to his readers avatars. But that will be only the start. Before you know it, he'll start a barbe-wire beer brewery and let you download pints of that poison...... Please react... or else you'll be blinded by flashy banners.... 

There's one citizen that made all the regular issues of AWWoS up til now. Simon Says asked me to stop reporting on her, it looks like AWWoS is kissing up to her. But I wouldn't be "da Rat" if I did. Now Simon Says is threatening to fire me. GET A GRIP on yourself, Simon !!!!! 

Everybody knows what an "o" after a nick name means. In my (not so humble) opinion that's a way to take out the fun of AW. But now there's even a more aggressive way to create "emotional" fortresses :  some shamelessly exchange initials!!! Not only is it enough to tell the community that there is a virtual liaison, now they start to explicitly indicate who with!!! Wonder if those people are aware of the dangers of such practices. It affects the nicknames and drives other cits nuts. It shapes conversations in a way that cannot be tolerated!!! So, QRV "D" and Dreamieyes "Q", we wish you all the best in your relationship, but please..... we have feelings too... Or did you do it to make AWWoS? LOL..... 

You gotta love the PK's. Really, I mean it. They keep GZ clean from dirty laundry. But what happened last week ? Their Web-pages were sabotaged. We suspect that the moderators of Bill's Palace have put a typo in the PK Web-site. Or shall we call the "members" "memebers" now? If this is the case, please, Razzle, send us the phonetic notation of that word, so we can pronounce it correctly. 

 The Rat in the Laundromat
Any resemblance with real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental. 
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