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The Big Rollercoaster test

 Betty B and her Team on the Ride.  Take a ride on the wild side of Active Worlds.

There are a lot of things that you can do to enjoy yourself in AW. You can stay at the ground zero´s to chat,  visiting parties and other people places, build your own spot or just explore the worlds.  Fun to do, but when you find out about the rollercoasters, bungee jumps, mazes, and carrousels, you find a new exciting thing to do ! Because there are so many spots to visit i thought it would  be nice to check some different places out for you readers. I asked some friends to join me on these rides, so that there would be more fun to do it and to get more opinions, then just my own. Judas the Priest, SAM, Speckles, QRV and me joined each other at the rides teleport centre ( Alpha World 19991N 19970W ) 

First of all i would like to say, that we enjoyed every ride, jump, bump or whatever. Second, that all you builders did an amazing job, we were stunned about the effort and the work you all put in ….must have been lots of work! 
We survived every ride….bit pale around the noses…some even sick…SAM lost his car keys (Which we didn´t find back. If you find them, please bring them to the closest PK ) and we lost QRV many times (If you find him don´t return him to the PK) …but all together we had a great time. 
The rollercoaster ride named  Twister we liked the best. Cyborman did a great job with using different textures, good choice of music and you even go underground! We ooooooohhhh ahhhhhh-ed  a lot !

The ride made by Wascally Wabbit called Coasters Across America we enjoyed aswell, especcially the pictures and history about rollercoasters are very nice! His inverted coaster was a great change and especcially the loops in it !! It made us scream like hell hehehehe


After several rides we came to the conclusion that it would be great if all these rollercoaster builders would build one big coaster together, imagine what that one would be like !! But anyway go check out the many rides spread around over the worlds and don´t forget to put your sound on and bring a plastic bag.  Have a wild time, and have a rollercoaster ride!!! 

Betty B
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