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"Hacker Alert".  


  From the desk of Dr. CHERi Love  *Hugz Cheri
Lately it seems the wildest pasttime has become cracking peoples computers, 
by non-professionals, just for the sake of it.
There are lots of free software out there that makes it very easy to access
someones computer.  The really bad part is that you wont know you're getting 
it on your computer either it comes through someone sending you an email, or
certain files.
Typically, they send .COM or .EXE files.. but also possible to include things 
in .XLS (MS Excel) or .DOC (MS Word) documents by including malicious macros 
programs within the files.  Also, they can embed hacking programs within other 
programs you install... always download from trusted sources.  Some talk is 
that it may also be possible to embed programs within certain types of graphics 
programs.. not seen it be true yet, tho.
Also many security holes in InternetExplorer and Netscape versions that can 
allow a hacker to put harmful things on a webpage that allow the hacker to get 
lots of info from your computer or cause your PC to run programs you didn''t tell 
it to.  Also keep up-to-date on security problems of your browser, news reader, or 
email reader. 
For more information please check out these urls: 
The hacker or cracker software they attatch to you computer gives them access to it. 
You don't even know you are recieving this stuff.  Let me tell you it does happen. 
I was cracked more than once by different people while in Aw.  I recieved the files 
that gave them access through ICQ and the one safest way to know you remove the 
software is through the long painful time consuming process of reformatting hard drive.
Let me just say, I wonder why any cracker would want to put an average home user to all 
this agony and time not to mention the emotional upset this can have on the victim
What makes people do this, why would anyone want to hack another persons personal 
computer, they dont seem to be looking for anything in particular but they can sure 
cause a lot of trouble.  In my case after this occured i had programs that wouldnt work 
right or kept crashing. My sounds stopped.  Luckily for me I had friends who were 
wonderful at helping me immediately and told me what to do. 
First of all if you find a cracker in your system shut it down at once, turn it off! 
Then you will need to find the source of their entry, the program they used to access 
your computer. 
It is a federal offence to crack someone so think before you crack.  You can go to jail 
and there are ways to be traced back to being a hacker. 
There are also now some programs out that will stop a hacker and also allert you that you 
have one.  There are also programs now that will find the program that gave the access 
and remove it.
Some of my information was told to me by a 'Digital Services Consultant" named Randovich
Have a nice day, 
*waves* from CHERi  :-)

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