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AW-tiquette, part Three : *poof*.

   As wel as your entering, your departure is a very important moment in social traffic in AW. By showing you spend enough time and effort to find appropriate words, bye-ing everyone, you show how much you respect the others. The methods of bye-ing are the same as used for greeting (see our first article on courtesy). Another way to please everyone is to use a "mass-bye" : Bubye Everyone, cya alls later. 

Try always to state a reason when you announce your departure. Even when it's not the real reason everybody will believe you. Reasons in that category (you would never believe them in RL, but in here you do...) are for example : "Gotta go to bed", "Gotta go feed the cat and then to work". By choosing a line and using it all the time, people will know that you were cut off, if you didn't tell them the reasons for your departure.

What might be a problem is the length of the goodbye. There's one rule here : the longer it takes the better it is (in what other context did we hear that too?). And if you stay because someone said something to you out of the ordinary, you are only paying attention to that person and it will make him/her happy. Again, after saying something, give at least four seconds to the others to respond. Those staying feel very foolish when having to bye without you being there, just because you're a fast clicker.

I know this article is short, but i don't like long goodbyes...... lol. 

This cncludes our mini-series on courtesy. Why? Because we don't wanna sound like your father or mother. Or as your editor always says when he's leaving : "Please behave, good or bad, I don't care, but do it in style".


                                               Simon Says
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