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If it wasn't for the kindness of a very patient man I met early on in AW, I
would probably still only be chatting & exploring in here. You see, I
attempted to learn the "Right Click" functions all on my own along with still
trying to learn how to use my PC. It turned out to be more than I could 
handle so I abandoned building for concentrating on learning how to use my
operational software. One day I saw this gentleman in a meeting place we
frequented and he asked me how I was doing learning how to build. I 
informed him that I gave up trying because it was just too frustrating to try 
and learn it on my own along with everything else I was trying to do alone. He 
told me that I didn't have to learn to build on my own and convinced me to join 
him at a site he possessed on Mars for some basic lessons. It took only about 
an hour of him explaining things for me to realise just how close I was in
comprehending building. All it took was having someone there who showed 
an interest in my learning. I haven't looked back since that fateful day. 
After I got to a point where I felt I wouldn't embarrass myself, I started to 
offer my help to newcomers who asked about building. I discovered that my 
satifaction in seeing them succeed was just as intense as their thrill at 
discovering how much fun it was to build! A light went on in my head. What about 
building a site that would help others with, not so much the very basic steps 
(AWSchool has that covered very nicely), but some of the cool yet relatively 
simple SFX things like doors that open & click teleports that thrilled me so much 
when I discovered them for the first time. I went out and began building a place that
demo'd those kind of things. Since then I've accumulated several friends in AW
who call me for advice and spur of the moment lessons. I've helped people who
are at all levels of competency from absolutely green rookies asking how to
build to making a suggestion to a well respected and very experienced mentor
(Boy did I debate making that suggestion too!). I've found that in almost every case, 
whenever someone telegrams me for help, I go there right away if I feel that a 
personal demonstration is needed or I telegram instructions until they feel 
comfortable with their problem. My dedication to helping & teaching is directly 
related to that first time my dear friend took me to his place to help me get started 
building and to the realization of how close I was to getting it down. 
Without AmunRa's help, I never would have seen that the light at the end of the 
tunnel was so close. : )


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