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Dirty Laundry : Help for the reunion wanted !

 Passwords Stolen  
Any resemblance with real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental. 
 Protagonist and COF.  
 99 Reunion : will it be organised? 
Midnight dissapeared 
AW public worlds were inaccessible a few days ago. Rumour was that R. was robbed. The situation was rapidly cleared up, at least for the users. We sent a telegram to another R. But as always, no reaction from there. We understand that there's no time to give explanation to the press, especially not when they need second or third jobs for paying the ransom. Leaves us with the question : how safe is this all? And who wants control over AW? lol 

We got a very strange and cryptic mail during last week. About a case of Protagonist vs. COF and a case number. Please, sender, contact us to tell us more. 

 Serendipitous isn't able to do everything necessary for it. She asks for help. More details : 

The world midnight has been gone but is back now. It seems the whole world is looking like LA after the riots. This appeared to be a consequence of a creditcard theft. Give Midnight Madness and her team all the support they want.Let's all help the former Midnight owners by giving them shelter while they're working on it. Our offices are open to the most urgent cases, soup and coffee will be distributed. 

 The Rat in the Laundromat
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