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Finally : Reinstate Protagonist.

  Most of you read the newsgroups too. One of the subjects that keeps keyboards going in awcommunity is the Protagonist case. There are three options for AWWoS :  
  • Ignore the case. Which AWWoS has been doing until now, except for the little piece in "Dirty Laundry" .
  • Yell with everybody else : "Reinstate Protagonist !" This surely is an easy option since probably hundreds of citizens already yelled that too.
  • Yell : "Leave Protagonist where he is !" which would be interpreted as kissing up to "those in power" by most of the citizens. And, please no, thanks.
AWWoS finally decided to do the second thing and that decision was based on various reasons. 
  • AWWoS supports as much as possible the lil guy, who's in conflict with aw-authority. It may be COF, world owners or empowered citizens, if we feel it could happen to us too, we support the less powerful. 
  • Under normal circumstances the sanction "ejection" is used when a person has had some warning for abusive language etc..... on GZ. Compared to being ejected, getting cit-number and cit-name revoked is a very heavy  action to take.......... Did protagonist kill somebody?
  • How powerful Protagonist ever may have been, whatever he did to other citizens, worldowners or others, if already there was something, this remains the story of one citizen against "absolute" power. 
  • And most of the citizens would like to see Protaginist reinstated. Why would AWWoS take an opposite standpoint when we don't read of any good reason why Protagonist was "kicked out".
Exactly that is the problem with this case. On protagonists web page there are a few sentences that refer to this, but only in a very cryptic way. From COF, nor from anybody else we've read anything to explain what the reasons were. Or did we miss something? Knowing the reasons maybe wouldn't change opinions about this, it's a matter of principle, but it would make us, regular citizens feel more respected. Every posting in the newsgroup on this and every "REINSTATE PROTAGONIST" on GZ can be seen as a protest against the silence of COF on this matter, a silence that insults the intelligence of the users of Active Worlds. 

Oh yes, most of us do "play" in AW. But as the different inquiries show, at least that's what is told to us, AW-users aren't that young. There are a lot of users that actually think when they're in AW and don't feel "comfy" with some of the things that happen. And that, in the long run, can damage your business goals. An environment like AW is not only about hard-, soft- and money-ware. It runs on people and how they are treated. 

So, Cof, this thing has grown to a point where everything you do will be wrongly interpreted. There are two options :

- Don't reinstate Protagonist and gradually there will be more and more dissapointment (to say the least). Even if you explain what the reasons were, nobody will accept it, because the citizens feel betrayed by your long silence. We understand that an explanation of your point of view would potentially create controversy. And controversy is bad for business. But controversy is inherent to a community. And a community is what you had in mind, isn't it? 
- Second option you have is "giving in" to the community demands. This could feel like "losing face". But at least it wouldn't feel like you're playing god. Citizens might not have any means of pressure (that's where AW differs from RL communities), the overall feeling is that there's a lack of respect to the citizens. By reinstating Protagonist, you at least indicate having some respect for the community.

So, for your own sake : Reinstate Protagonist.    


Simon Says 
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