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Dirty Laundry : Great Party !

 Poison at parties  
Any resemblance with real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental. 

The land of the Free.  
99 Reunion  

AW's version of "The Birds" 

AW parties are great. But on some you're invited to drink water or Barbe-wire beer. A warning to party crashers : don't drink from bottles with a skull on the label. As far as we know there's only one citizen that can drink it without severe consequences. Her handle starts with a T. The party in question was on friday night somewhere in AW. Another incident there occurs every time the AWWoS editor is attending : they wanna make him drink WATER !!!!! One of the arguments that's used is that beer consists of water. Well, once and for all : WATER is for showering. Beer is for drinking and barbe-wire is a movie. 

In some places in AW it's a crime to be married to someone. In America, M.'s husband was thrown out out just for being that. Our correspondent caught up a conversation between the ejector and his boss. "Her hubby is better looking than me", he complained. "I won't stand a chance when he comes on my playground". Someone should tell these ppl that AW may look like a game, but it are real people in AW. Somehow, this virtual America differs from the RL one. Or should we start to think otherwise?  . 

 The first messages on the 99 reunion reach us already. The Brighton area is already completely booked (hotels, saunas, restaurants, fish 'n chips, cabs), the local police department is having exercises, the fire-department is recruiting, MI5 and Scotland Yard are warned, the local pubs are already in panic, the BBC is preparing to cover and Prince Charles is going to register as AW citizen. British Telecom already placed a ground station in Brighton to assure the communication lines. All seems to be prepared with caution, there. We are concerned however, if Heathrow can handle it...... 
That's why we would like our European readers to let Serendipitous know as soon as possible if they think of attending. Send an e-mail to  Serendipitous 

Some of our AWWoS distributors were attacked this week. Not by dogs nor punks. They were attacked by a little bird. Our distributors try to notify as much people as they can reach, personally. They send grams to a lot of citizens. We consider that a personal service. Some citizens find it necessary to flame our hard working distributors and to throw AWWoS back. If you don't want to be notified of the new issues of AWWoS, all it takes is ignoring the telegram. But you're surely missing something (at least that's what a lot of our readers say). 

 The Rat in the Laundromat
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