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COF Administrator-impostor tries to steal creditcard numbers

 Citizen 289624 (aka Viperfreak) branded.  On saturday night  there was a credit card number theft attempt on Alpha GZ. Though this attempt was rather amateuristic, it is serious enough to report on it in AWWoS. With the help of the PK on duty, we obtained the citizen number of the citizen. 
What are the facts ?

A citizen comes in on Ground Zero on saturday night : 
(in the transcript below conversation not related to this case is "<clipped by editor>",citizen names are replaced by "citizen1 ..., also in the lines, to ensure as much privacy as possible, original unedited chatlog is in AWWoS possession).

<clipped by editor>
COFAdministrator: hello everyone
<clipped by editor>
COFAdministrator: just checking in making sure everyone is happy
<clipped by editor>
citizen1: COFA< who at cof are you?
<clipped by editor>
COFAdministrator: Citizen2, this is COF Admin, I need you to send me your credit card number there seems to be something wrong with it.  Please telegram it to me 
<clipped by editor>
Citizen3: Citizen2..... don't do it!!!!!
Citizen2.: Are you stupid I don't think so!
Peacekeeper 4: COFAdministrator is not with COF
COFAdministrator: This is company business citizen1
<clipped by editor>
Citizen2: Imagine that!!!!
COFAdministrator: prove it Peacekeeper 4
<clipped by editor>
Citizen6: sheesh, pk's are slow tonite
<clipped by editor>
Citizen4: Go on COF Admin, turn on your public speaker...?
Peacekeeper 4: I dont need to prove it, I know how cof works, and you are not them
<clipped by editor>
Citizen3: COFA.... that is really a dumb think to request... guess your dumbness proves it
<clipped by editor>
Citizen2.: Oh yes ADmin please do!!!
COFAdministrator: we do not use public speaker it is not welcomed here
Citizen2.: Hahahahahahaha
<clipped by editor>
Citizen5: what a goof....
Peacekeeper 4: you have been added to my contact list, and this will be noted
Citizen6: count down for a cof
Citizen2: Well I gotta tell ya, I know most of COF admin and you ain't it
Citizen5: you have done it now COF dudette
Citizen7: evict COF dude,PK!
<clipped by editor>
Citizen4: What never ceases to amaze me is the rank stupidity of so many of the imposters.
<clipped by editor>
Citizen3: ya Citizen4.... they sure have a strange imagination
<clipped by editor>
Citizen6: lol....... he/she did a great job iposting there...... 
<clipped by editor>
Peacekeeper 4: COFAdministrator is now Viperfreak
<clipped by editor>

Later on the citizen number was stated publically by the PK. 

To a lot of you this warning might be redundant. To the other users of AW :
Remember at all times that citizens or tourists can choose any name they want. No one at Circle of Fire, nor anyone with a public function will ever ask your credit card number or any other private information. So, never answer such questions.

Please, if someone asks you such information, report it as soon as possible to the PeaceKeepers. Add the citizen to your contact list. That offers a way to determine the citizen number, later on when necessary.   


Simon Says 
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