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"I don't trust you".  
   From the desk of Dr. CHERi Love  *Hugz Cheri
Dear Dr. Cheri or Carmen,
I am so confused. I thought each of our letters was read and treated by Dr. Cheri in person. Only person i ever saw answering questions in AWWoS is Carmen Burden. I don't know her qualifications, but i think AWWoS is using Cheri's name because it's known in AW. I have some problems i would like to send in, but i don't trust this Carmen Burden (if only for the name).All the citizens readers of AWWoS deserve an explanation of this, either by Cheri herself, by Simon Says. I won't accept any other person to answer this. Thanks for clearing up this situation.
The Great Grumpiness.
Tripper answers :
Great Grumpiness,
You indicated in your letter, that you didn't trust us to publish your remarks. But AWWoS isn't afraid of criticism. Let me explain how things work at AWWoS. Dr. Cheri sits at her desk and oversees all the bags of e-mails that come in every week. She decides on the strategy of this AWWoS section. Carmen Burden selects whatever letter will be published in AWWoS all within the strategic guidelines of Dr. Cheri. All the other questions are answered by the vast staff of AWWoS, Department of Emotional Support. Hope this gives you an insight in how we're organised. 
Now as for the emotional and functional consequences of your letter we'll have to take legal action. As a result of your insinuations, Carmen suffers from a deep cyber depression and can't function for some time. We hope you're happy with what you did, because now some citizens might get not a timely answer to their real problems. Do you have a clue on what could happen now that emotional support will probably not be available for some time?
You'll hear of our legal representative.
Octopus, please hug me........
One Armed Bandit.
"Horn" : *pout*
"Trousers" : *pant*
Telescope : far and seeing
Telephone : far and hearing
Telerubbies : ?
AWWoS wishes you a lot of happiness and good things.
Announcement in the awcommunity newsgroup :
Birthday Party for Little Cupid on Sunday, Oct 11th  9 PM (VRT time & date)
at Ewasx's Playground located at:  aw 24975s 23899.1w   Dance music & fun
rides! Come bid LC a happy 29th
Leave a birthday message or pic or both for Little Cupid at:  aw 24962.4S
23938.6W 270  Her birthday is Oct. 12th   See the sign there for the party
time, date & location!
 Andras' B-DAY. 
Andras'' "Coming Of Age" day is on the 15th of this month... 
There is a place to leave him a woman, a beer or a greeting at 50n 5050e in AW.. 
It''s his birthday actually but he hates birthdays... LOL 
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