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Ewasx's Personal Belongings.

Building Partners

I've met literally hundreds of people now during my time in AW and for the
most part, they are all interesting at the least. Some are very enviable
builders, some are superb socializers, some have the knack for helping others
and a very few have a good dose of all of these qualities. I've reached the
point where building on my own, while still very much an exciting activity,
has lost a little of it's uniqueness. The thrill of creating something that is
your's alone is not gone, just the newness of the experience. I have never
considered sharing building privledges with others before because there was
just so many other cool things to do buildingwise on my own, I just didn't
think it was necessary. I guess these things just take time to take hold of
your conscienceness. My road to learning all the building aspects in AW is
hardly over. It was inevitable I suppose that I would get to making a PPW
(Privledge Password) for someone to build with me. Friends have told me that
it's not a decision that should be made lightly. The person who has your PPW
can devastate your property if they are so inclined. When the issue finally
came up for me though, there was no question about who that person would be to
partner with in AW. Granted, she was the one who broke the ice. I was looking
at her new place one day and was making some suggestions when she told me
that, if I was open to it, she'd make a PPW for me to give her a hand. I asked
her if she was sure she wanted to take that step (Paranoia runs deep in me
when it comes to the security of my AW property) and she indicated she was
fine with the idea if I was. It was the most satisfying experience I've had in
AW yet, helping her out as best I could! Needless to say, I've since then made
A PPW for her and she's already built a place in one of my modest communities.
The point here is this: Trust is a difficult thing to establish online. Even
more difficult than in the Real World because there is no face to face contact
so you never truely know who it is you are dealing with here. Anyone can send
a pic but is it really the person you are talking to? There's no way to know
unless you arrange a meeting in the RW and for me personally, that is not an
option. So you have to take a chance, regardless of any  good feelings of
security you have with them. I was lucky. She's my building buddie. I wait for
her everyday to come online so we can build, explore or just generally stir
things up. Making a PPW is similar to choosing a spouse or roomate. You are
opening up things formerly kept only to yourself to another person. That
person has access to your personal possessions. Descretion is paramount but it
can be done. : )



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