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The Guard Dogs have Rabies.

  Your editor got ejected last week... You want to know why? Well, i'll tell you... I asked a question on a GZ... It wasn't GZ of AW. But let me start with the beginning. Before i do, I'd like to point out that the whole conversation is on my chatlog, of which i have a copy in the vault of AWWoS offices and in a secure But here we go. 

Some citizen, who told me i could mention her name, but i won't ......  grammed me in her particular "caps lock" style, that she had been ejected from America. She seemed to have answered a question from an AB, or CA whatever they're called. The answer wasn't to the liking of the guy, and he ejected her from America. That was the story before i got involved. 

After a while we both went to GZ in America. There was some discussion on the issue and it became clear that, even with no violation of the rules, the empowered ppl over there were "triggerhappy" like Dirty Harry on two gallons of cheap brandy. And then i said : "wonder what the selection criteria for pk's are". I was reffering of course to the public speakers in America. And yes, i got the message from the Immigration officer (in this case, immigration is maybe the wrong word) that i had been ejected. 

One day later, another respected citizen was ejected too, while we were talking and questioning the practices of the Guard Dogs of America. Some days before, a lady citizen was warped up for giving an answer to the same question. 

You would think that an e-mail to the world owners would at least help to clear the thing out. This e-mail, of which a copy landed on our desk, stated facts, names of witnesses etc. The trouble in America is always with the two same AC's. You would think a world owner would take action...... up til the moment we write this the only thing that happened, was a reaction that indicates the complaints aren't taken seriously and that the sender of the e-mail seems to be banned for ever....    

Normally, AWWoS wouldn't cover these things. We consider it responsability of the world owners to keep things neat in their worlds. But in America (the AW-world, that is) citizens are treated like you wouldn't treat a dog. Some of the newsgroup readers say there's nothing to do about it. Well, we won't stay silent. Because the way they act gives the PK-corps of th COF worlds and  the whole AW-community a bad name.  

As i'm writing these words, again i got grams that indicate trouble again. This whole thing makes me think of  "Cujo" by Stephen King. Only difference is that the victims in AW aren't scared and that they're locked out in stead of in. We at AWWoS, dear reader, promise you to bring you in the issues to come, a series on this confrontation. And if you visit America, please be sure to mention you're an AWWoS reader. That will prolly be enough to get ejected.... LOL. Please send us any incident you might witness or get involved in. This way of treating ppl is not acceptable, and it surely isn't the publicity the real America wants. But we could be wrong....  

To conlude this for this week, we didn't yet mention the names of the involved here, because we don't like to brand citizens for "a mistake" . But the chatlogs and emails are almost jumping into this paper. Some more research will be done in the following week and the next issues of AWWoS could become more specific. Not that AWWoS has any powers, it will surely help to distantiate AW from what's been happening in the AW-world America.     

Simon Says 
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