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Dirty Laundry : Gasoline to put out the fire !

 Naughty Girly
Any resemblance with real AW-citizens and/or situations might be purely coincidental.

The Shower Picture 

#2 affair : the bottom line

Stalking.... don't we know it all? Sometimes we are flattered by it, but after a while it's getting to your nerves or worse. This naughty girly is said to be an expert in stalking. She uses translation software to make everyone think she talks french. She was known under another handle, but she changed her name. Problem is that our editor always has too little space to keep up all his contacts on the list and so it came to where he's not sure who this person really is. One thing we can tell our readers, she grams well.... To conclude this, don't put her on your contactlist.... it prolly won't work anyway. And, NG, if you read this, you probably think this is about

  Already more than a week ago a picture was distributed on GZ. People there at the time will know what i'm talking about. The pic showed 1 woman and 4 or even 5 men under a shower. But that wasn't shocking. The beer bottle held by one of the showering ppl did. As a kind of compliment i called them the Troll-family. We're not giving you the URL here, because we wouldn't want to see ppl copying that practice and waste a lot of the worlds most precious gifts. I won't tell the names of who  was in the picture, i'll only say that some of the most respected AW members were in there.

  This affair started when Bill Gates registered. He asked specifically to have cit #2. "I only know what it is to be number 1, i want to be number 2 for once. " he said. A few days later, he was no longer #1 on Forbes' list...... Coïncidence?

 The Rat in the Laundromat
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