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Citizens on the web : Valaria.

 Links and works Sure, buiding in AW is creative and some achieve great things. And a good chat is a product of creativity too. But people spend a lot of time outside of AW. This page, probably not present every week, will from time to time offer you links to sites of citizens where you can find other products of creativity. 

If you, dear reader, or someone you know has a spot on the web where eruptions of creativity are, please e-mail us. We'll surely look into it and show it to our readers (you can't have as many contacts as we have

This week we'll have a look at Valaria's work. If you now where here pavillion is you probably know some of her work yet. Here are some links to make you drool. A warning is in order here : don't touch the paintings, just watch them and dive mentally into the world of Valaria.


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