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"What's the meaning of Typos ?".  
   From the desk of Dr. CHERi Love  *Hugz Cheri
Dear Dr. Cheri or Carmen B.,
Usually my English is perfect. But each time i come near PizzaGirl, i get so nerveous i cannot type anymore. In the beginning she liked me, she found the typos so cute. But last thursday i made DA BIG ONE. I welcome her with a well meant, but clumsy "Hi, PITAGirl". I don't have to tell you what PITA means, neither did i have to tell her. I tried to explain to her that it was a typo, that i never would say anything like that to her, but she did not, and still doesn't believe me. I was hoping this letter could be published in AWWoS, so she would know it was a typo and tell her this :
Dear PizzaG.,
can't we return to the yucky days of before that typo? I was so hacky each time you kicked me on my cheek. All my hopes for our vitriol marriage are gone now. Please, grab me in AW, you know where to find me on your contact list. I'll be waiting for your telegrab for eternity. 
Gefundenes Fressen.
Carmen Burden answers :
Dear Gefundenes,
We hope that the publication of your letter could help you. You really should pay attention when you're talking to her. Let us know if she grabs (grams i suppose) you at all. But we fear that it's all gone right now. The other day i heard you talk to her, boy oh boy. Did you really give her a bunch of floors? Twelve red hoses? I wouldn't know what to do with it. Let be a young girl like pizzagirl.
Anyways, good luck. 
Hugz Carmen Burden
Please, bring me a shrubbery, i'll know you meant it.
The knight formerly saying : "Ni"
"Checkmate" : White Queen, we'll never be in a position to make pawns, sorry.
  Typo of the week : Peachkeeper.
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