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Weather forecast for AW GZ


Forecast for week of 4 october to 11 october

It was rather friendly and warm on GZ, last week. Even tho there was at least one cit that got himself ejected. But the last days some agitation was felt. The Protagonist affair made the atmosphere unstable at times. This affair could affect the meteorological circumstances of the weeks to come tho. Demonstrations wil disturb the peace, unless COF quickly decides to put  out the fire.

- Number of hours in Public speech : approx. 8 
- Number of first warnings : approx. 25 
- Number of second warnings : approx. 10 
- Number of ejected tourists : approx. 10 
- Number of ejected citizens : less than 2 
- Overall rating of the coming week : There will be some demostrating on GZ next week, unless the #2 affair is settled. This will increase chances on bad weather. But then again it's october. 
- Longer term tendency : Pressure is building up. An eruption can be expected in the following period. But until then all will be fine and mostly bright. 
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