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AW RSI : Watch yourselves.

   I entered AW and i heard a disturbing sound. (all together : "Yeah") I said i heard a disturbing sound ! (all : "Yeah"). 

I heard some cits complaining... Never heard of symptoms of a mysterious syndrome. It seemed like an epidemic. Only users of AW were suffering it. It struck me as lightning would struck an unprotected puter : a specific AW version of RSI has attacked the community. I know, i didn't believe it.... but it exists. Seems there are two main pathological patterns: one for builders another for chatters. But cits are known to suffer both. Let's go over the symptoms :

- Builders :

1. The Right Click Cramp (RCC) and the Right Click Pinch (RCP): some builders are known to have a high rate of right clicks in their AW-sessions. Sometimes, especially on mondays, all experiments seem to fail. As frustration grows, the right mouse button is hit harder and harder. The hand ends up in a painful cramp. RCC has been known to isolate ppl socially. the middle finger can't be bend any more and stays upright. Along with the cursing this is misinterpreted by the RL environment. RCP occurs when fanatic builders use cheap mice. Between the buttons there is some space. When the builders middle finger constantly lies over this, he/she risks the skin being caught in there. After a while this leads to a painful injury, caused by the pinching of the buttons.

2. Punctured Tongue (PT) : The bigger the effort, the further out comes the tongue. When the tongue is hanging from the builders mouth and fatigue strikes, the head falls down to the keyboard. When the chin hits it, the tongue can easily be punctured. Those cits usually make it an advantage and go to the nearest tattoo and piercing shop. 

3. The Hi-Rez Circle (HRC) : some builders can't work without the Hi-Rez cd in the drive. Removing the cd from it's case demands pusching the little circular holder in the middle of the case. After a while the index shows a dark red circle that hurts, especially when the weather is moist.

- Chatters :

1. Abbreviation Compulsion (AC): Communication outside AW (and other chats) is different. Some chatters feel the compulsion to even in professional e-mails or communications, put abbreviations like LOL, ROTFLMAO, BRB. The worst cases even use these in spoken texts. This cannot really be seen as a Injury, but we felt it couldn't stay unmentioned in this article.

2. The Scroll-Back Blister (SBB): When "Back" chatters want to know what has been said during their absence. In crowded places this can really be a difficult matter. Eac time you find an interesting line there's someone saying something and you can go scroll back again. The top of your index can suffer a lot from these subsequent trials to scroll to the lines of interest and starts to develop a blister. This injury is of temporary nature. After a while the index top gets callous.

3. Multi-Task Migraine (MTM) : Chatters are known to not being able to fill their time with only one chat. They gram, chat and icq simultaneously (tho icq and AW might cause conflicts sometimes, it seems) in 5 ore more conversations. ICQ offers the dialog history, but AW has no such feature. Trying to remember your previous gram and fearing to send a wrong answer can cause serious headaches.

Not a lot of citizens will suffer from only one of those two patterns. If you should suffer from one of the above stated symptoms you bettezr go see a doctor. We can't ignore AW RSI, it threatens the community worse than a 1000 glowing tourists could. AW RSI can't be ejected...... I hope AWUniversity will soon open a medical faculty to learn cits how to cure these RSI and do researchon ways to prevent it. Maybe the GK and PK corps should be trained in recognizing these things and on how to prevent it. And there might be a nursing corps installed to help GK and PK in treating AW RSI.   


                                               Simon Says
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