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Two sides of a coin.

Enemies and Friends

The party's over. The Eden-like mood that I have been basking in in Active
Worlds has been shattered. No more can I hope to recieve kindness from all.
There are people out there that are not happy unless they make others unhappy,
just like in the Real World. I guess it was inevitable. Oh sure, I've met
people who were irritating but irritation depends a lot on the irritatee's
state of mind or the amount of multi-tasking they are performing at the time
of the irritating. You can be irritated by your best friend, given enough
time. No, I'm talking about people who go out of their way to make your life
miserable either by design or because you are a convenient target to be blamed
for their problems or shortcomings. I've been here long enough now,
experiencing this down side of human nature in VR, to grow a few layers on my
skin. Mind you, I didn't like it when the first layer was stripped off. It was
painful and wholly unnecessary in my opinion but I learned quickly that my
opinion about my affairs is sometimes not taken into account by those
previously mentioned. No matter. I'm much stronger for all of it and though I
hated the experiences at the time, I'm grateful for the insight into others'
thoughts and motivations. It has given me a way to head off some future
confrontations before they get nasty. On a much happier note, I'm enormously
grateful for all of the friends I've made in Active Worlds since I joined! The
genuine warmth and friendship I've recieved from all the beautiful people I've
met in Active Worlds make the occasional bad seed seem infinitesimal by
comparison. I'm particularly impressed by the amount of building help I've
been able to obtain and to distribute. Because of my intense interest in
building, particularly Special Effects programming, I have met some very
knowledgable people who have not been shy about sharing their building info.
When I first joined, the impression I got was that really good builders tend
to keep to themselves and not share their "hard won" knowledge. But since I've
ventured out in search of help, I've discovered that if those individuals
exist, they do a great job of hiding because I have recieved nothing but
enthusiastic help and encouragement from whoever I ask. I guess I fit in that
small group of people that was described in last week's edition who love both
socializing and building equally. I tell my friends that I'm essentially a big
show off. When I have a new place or an addition to an existing one, I've got
plenty of friends to drag over to see them. hhmmm.... I wonder if that's the
reason why some of them seem to vanish for days when I tell them I'm building
something new? And I thought they were just leaving me alone because I was
busy! (Just kidding guys) Where else could a person have friends that they
talk to on a daily basis from New Zealand, Croatia, England, Belgium,
Australia, Denmark, Norway, etc and not have a long distance bill in the
thousands of dollars? Two of my very oldest (in terms of the length of the
friendships, not the friends' age) and dearest friends are deaf. I would never
have been able to communicate with them anywhere near as well as I do in AW.
What a wonderful way for the deaf & hearing worlds to be able to communicate!
If there is any down side to this, it's that I have too many
friends........Naaaaaaaaaaaa.........The more the merrier!   : )




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