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Groups, letters, tabloids and chats.

  So, you're reading AWWoS again? You read the previous issues? That's great. And it isn't the only source of news you use ? That's even better. You wondered where we get our news from? It's not in the newsletters, nor the news groups. Until now it was from piles of chatlogs, notes and some "creative interpreting".... But i did something i should have done months earlier : download the awcommunity newsgroup. Lots of stuff can be found there. Mostly serious, often very practical, sometimes of a more philosophical nature. I downloaded the complete group : 5000 + messages, and i started to browse. Sometimes immediately ignoring threads, sometimes losing myself in a thread that filled the screen as i opened it.  

 What i want to say here is that the NG's i followed before seemed somewhat slower even if  there were more ppl "newsing" it. Some threads in awcommunity are very animated, probably because AW has such an influence on ppl. There's a thread on the meaning of life (Yeah i know, but the obvious numeric answer wasn't in there, the initial posting didn't even lead to enough follow-ups to explain it....) and on the cit #2 affair.About everything happening in AW and in it's periphere is found there. Yummi...... 

And now there's this newsletter. Some might consider it as a trial to kill AWWoS. So do not we. The newsletter contains info that we don't cover. I know, we've asked you to send in your event announcements so we could publish them. But COF does that better and more complete. Anyways AWWoS looks at things from the human standing point.  

So we'll be reading NG's, NL's and still be wading thru CL's. And AWWoS will keep publishing in depth articles on what happens or what doesn't. So keep breathing in AW, tell each other what happened, gram or mail us or even better make things happen !!!!!!!!!! 

As i usually dare to say as i leave AW : Behave, good or bad, but do it in style.  

Simon Says 
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