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AW-life and Real life : paranoid dreams.

 Betty B's idea. Addicted to Active Worlds ? That can put people in trouble...... A pale guy hiding in the evening shadows sneaking thru the dark streets with only one goal : to return as soon as possible in the safe haven of his room, behind his kb, after buying two packs of cigarettes and a bottle of vodka. It's a matter of getting through the night before going to bed, isn't it? Walking the streets in the open can be such a dangerous thing to do. People know where you were, they see where you shop, even what you buy! They can follow you and get your address. 
This guy really feels the burning of a thousand looks. He feels like being killed by hostile whispers like arrows from a crossbow. Thing is that where you might be the subject of grams in AW, you never actually see them being  sent. In RL however you can see people talk about you.... the looks, the hands hiding the words....... No wonder the real AW addict would like to never have to leave his kb again, the safety of his room..... the comfort of his browser. 
Danger is everywhere in rl. Let's just imagine you lost your door key while you were out in the street. You cannot get back in !!! There's no password that helps you thru the closed door.... 
While you're standing there, a neighbour comes by and says hello, looking at the bottle your cigarettes, and you imagine that he's holding something hidden from you behind his back. His grin is just a little bit too friendly and you start to walk away from him. Faster and faster, because he follows you. In your trial to escape your bottle slips away and falls on the ground. You look over your shoulder and you see the guy trying to grab you...... no not to grab, to stab..... some light is reflected in the thing he holds in his hand. It's metal, but you can't see what it is. He's calling something..... You keep running.
Then the street ends. "Dead end" never had such a real meaning to you before. It takes ages before the guy reaches you.

He slowly walks towards you,  trying to say something but he's out of breath... You back up until you feel the wall. His smile gets wider. He gives you your house keys.... 


Simon Says 
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