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"i hate the time difference".  
   From the desk of Dr. CHERi Love  *Hugz Cheri
Dear Dr. Cheri,
My AW girlfriend lives in a timezone, I do to. So far no problem you might say, if it wasn't for the time difference. Imagine : there's a 9 hour gap between her and me, at least when we're both at home. This causes us never to be in the same mood when we're on line. She needs to make lunch when i want to smoke my cigar while enjoying a brandy. By the time she's done with the dishes i'm brushing my teeth to go to bed.One wonders how we met. This time difference makes us really sad. It's a threat to our relationship. Should we end it? Or use e-mail? Is a VR-relationship viable in an environment of POP3 and SMTP servers? Will attachments make it up for us? Please, Dr. Cheri, you are known for your creativity in VR romance. Can you give us a solution? 
Scrambled Egg.
Carmen Burden answers :
Dear Scrambled Egg,there you touched the heart of o lot of problems with VR-relationships. Of course the ambiance is different when your day is coming to an end, the sun sets over the western horizon and a romantic mood is getting a hold on you, while your Girl is standing in a kitchen that looks like WW3 just broke out, with her lightblue rubbergloves trying to clean the dishes after a meal with a lot of melted cheese. Actually there's only one solution to this prob : virtually live in the same time zone. Now, how would you do that ? Split the time difference in two. If you're ahead of her - timewise, that is - set back your clock with 1 half of the time difference, she will have to set it the same half  ahead. Then you'll both have only half the lag to come over. There's another advantage : when you ever go see each other..... your jetlag wouldn't be too bad. Hope this helps you with your probs.
Hugz Carmen Burden
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