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Jen : we wish you can return home soon.

 RL-news that reached us today. UPDATE FOR 9/26/98 

The car Jennifer was riding in was hit by a drunk driver severely injuring  
her and killing the drunk driver & the driver of the car Jen was in.  
Jen was taken to the hospital after the accident on the 22nd where she  
unfortunately had to have her legs amputated at the knees, she also has a  
broken arm and rib injuries. As of today (26th), she's still in the hopital recovering, 
 feeling much better than the last few days. She's hoping that she'll be able to go home  
soon, but the doctors haven't said when that will be. 
Because part of her web site still sits on my ISP's server, I have placed this page on her  
site with her permission to let people know how she's doing & keep people updated. Both Aliciah  
and I live in Hawaii so we can keep you updated with the latest news on her condition. 

-Carl (Mr Whisper)
It's probably better to try to email Jen rather than send her an ICQ message for now.  

Contact info : 
Active worlds : Aliciah and Mr Whisper 

Jen's website is updated daily :


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