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Weather forecast for AW GZ


Forecast for week of 27 september to 4 october

The predicted thunderstorms didn't break out this week. It prooves that weather forecasting is a job on its own. The press clash on GZ didn't happen. In fact the other journalists didn't even dare to come to AW GZ. That made our well meant warnings obsolete. Does this mean we can all sit back and relax. Yes, it does. But..... take care if you're strolling on GZ. There could be locally unexpected clashes of press war. Code red becomes code yellow. 
The PK corps seems to have decided to reduce the use of public speech. It's only used in those cases where it's absolutely necessary or when accidentally switched on when entered GZ. Finally they found out that bold has the same effect on some tourists as does a red cloth on a bull. This policy of the PK dramatically influences our figures.  

- Number of hours in Public speech : approx. 10 
- Number of first warnings : approx. 20 
- Number of second warnings : approx. 10 
- Number of ejected tourists : approx. 10 
- Number of ejected citizens : less than 3 
- Overall rating of the coming week : unless other decisions of the PK corps as a consequence of this forecast, the weather on GZ will be bright and fair. There might be some opportunity for avatars to get a light tan. 
- Longer term tendency : All seems quiet on the AW GZ firmament, but local storms could break out. Mostly it will be friendly and warm on GZ. 
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