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The Grand Canyon or when will there be AWWoS news stands ?

  Who is this Mysterious Simon Says ? That was the question one of our readers asked me the other day in AW. He suggested to spend a special article on it. My first reaction was : Simon Says mysterious? Naah, not at all. And far too modest to write about himself in AWWoS. But then i realized, this cit was known as a very good builder always constructing things, solving probs of others....... etc. He isn't seen much in popular, crowded places, he almost never grams on his own initiative, has no time for VR socializing. At least that's what this chief editor knows about him, or even better : how he thinks this citizen lives his VR-life. 

Because there are two groups of citizens in AW. The builders and the others. Let there be some exceptions, but usually they don't mix that well. Ask a builder to attend a VR party, and he/she will want to know where it will be held to check out the place before the party actually commences. In fact he/she will go study the place when nobody else is...... stroll around the premises, right clicking the objects and evaluating the construction without being bothered by other attendees. Although they usually now a lot more about building and adding sounds to a construction, they're always hungry to learn, for new ideas and places to teleport to from their own teleport centers.

The others are spending their time on grams, chats etc.... buiding the minimum for their party or other social needs.... not bothering to claim land if not needed immediately. They usually let VR-life have it's way and take opportunities as they present themselves. And that, dear readers, is why i see a big gap in AW. The Grand Canyon so to speak. Just a few of us have been building bridges between the two sides. Cut trees to cross the canyon. 

So is Simon Says mysterious? Yes and no...... In order to fill this paper he's oftenly found in those places where a lot of people come to talk. Places where a real builder fears to get ran over. He talks, grams, laughs and is never unavailable. He answers all grams if needed. But he knows a few builders too. They're the ones that he needs to help AWWoS get distributed all over the Active Worlds universe and beyond. I've heard (and seen) that there are AWWoS news stands on Alien-X and Mars already. Of course in our offices in AW you'll find them too. But what an idea do we give to new people when the papers distributed in GZ in AW are outdated ? No issues since months, even years have been sent out. Could we call them NEWS stands? 

So, since AWWoS wants to be the tree that crosses the AW-canyon, and reporting on AW-society as well as the great achievements of our building fellow citizens, since it wants to spread the AW way of VR life and since it still doesn't put advertizing inside its pages. What is the reason that there's not yet a news stand for AWWoS on AW GZ? Could it be that AWWoS is boycotted by those in charge? Aren't they sure this paper is here to stay? Doesn't it have value to them? In that case they should consider the feelings of the paying citizens that actually need this paper.  Is that where the real gap is ? Between the citizens and the leading personalities of AW ? We surely hope not.... 

Simon Says 
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