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In Memoriam : BrightEyes
On September 18.1998 Activeworlds lost a very sweet citizen, BrightEyes.
Her real name was Bobbie, she was in her 50's, and was told she died of heart failure.
She lived in NM, and ran her own company.
She had two children and 3 grandchildren.
This was what I was told to the best of my knowledge
Everyone was shocked when the news came in from her husband Jim.
We will miss Bright Eyes very much, she always tried to make people smile
and did a really good job of it.
There is a memorial site that anyone who wishes can build something for her
memory.  It is in AW  1437N 1363W
This just goes to show how close we can become in virtual life.
Bright Eyes we miss you :-(
Rest in Peace BrightEyes, you will always be remembered by AW Community.
Simon Says
In memory of Bright Eyes
Although I did not know you well,
Certain things I could tell.
Your Love for life and for others too,
Always did come shining through.
In every greeting and smiley face, :-)
In these worlds you did place .
Your mark on us will always be,
Here in these worlds for all to see.
So in the future, In times of trouble,
I'll come to watch this fountain bubble.
Surely I will lose my blues,
Thinking of time spent ROTFL with you .
22-Sep-98 Dmc2u