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Drop a note at cheri's desk.  
   From the desk of Dr. CHERi Love  *Hugz Cheri
Dear Dr. Cheri,
I met him 4 months ago on Ground zero. Hi, he said and immediately i blushed. My feelings for him kept growing but and i told him last week how i felt for him. My only fault is i did that in public. I couldn't do it in another manner because i'm not registered yet. Now he avoids me. What is wrong with him? Is he mad at me? He told me he had no one here nor in RL. Dear doctor, please tell me what i can do to win him back again. At least to let him talk to me again. You with your endless knowledge of AW romance rules, tell me what options i have. Thank you very much. I hope he reads this, so he knows i'm in pain. 
Blue Clam.
Carmen Burden answers :
Dear Blue Clam,
Yeah you probably scared him. Maybe some of his friends were there. I think you should find a way to contact him privately. Best way to do that is to register. Another way is, when you see him, wave to him from very close. Do not speak to him ! Make sure your name is not above your head ! Or at least choose another one. With this new name on you, make your move again without making the mistakes you first made. You need suggestions for a new name? Try Green Clam, He'll never suspect it's you. I hope this will work for you. Let us know how it goes.
Hugz Carmen Burden
A Smile is the cherry on the pie. A Hug is the chocolate in the candy bar. 
Anonymous author.
"Checkmate" : Where is the White Queen?
 I've lost the coords of our schack. Can you send them back to me ? 
Schackless Joe.
Wasn't it fun to swing in the trees, Chimpette? Will you force me to change my name to Orang Outang?
Let's share bananas and coconuts again...
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