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Weather forecast for AW GZ


Forecast for week of 20 to 27 september

Locally some thunderstorms might occur. Especially in the neigbourhood of the editors. This weeks forecast shows violent clashes between the newspaper editors of Active worlds. Competition has reached a point where meteorological consequences are unavoidable. This will result in local temperature losses. Some parts of AW GZ might even show frost damage. This situation will continue for at least a few days. The figures below are a reflection of this hazardeous conditions.
Adapt your behaviour to the weather circumstances. Locally, chats may be very slippery. Code RED when AW-press is on GZ !!!!!!!! 

- Number of hours in Public speech : approx. 120 
- Number of first warnings : approx. 60 
- Number of second warnings : approx. 40 
- Number of ejected tourists : approx. 20 
- Number of ejected citizens : less than 5 
- Overall rating of the coming week : weather conditions will cause trouble in chat traffic. Don't leave home when not necessary !!!!! 
- Longer term tendency : the long term preview needs to be reformulated in terms of "long period of bad winter conditions ahead. The end is not in sight. Warnings to the community are appropriate". Hereby...... 
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