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Elbow rubbing (one more time back to the CY-Awards).

  The telegram arrived asking "Are you going?" I said "Yes, I'll be there in a 
few." He replied "I'll pick you up in the stretch limo!". "Make sure the 
champagne is cold!" I told my editor. That was how it all started for this 
ordinary member who was planning to attend her first ceremony in Transend. 
Thoughts of VR press passes and confetti danced in her head. Her excitement grew 
so that she actually had trouble enabling the chatlog because of sweaty and 
slightly shaking hands. After all, it's not everyday a mere member can rub VR 
elbows with the likes of well known AW names like Carre, HenrikG, Rjinswand and 
the always irrepressible Eep. In reality, (reality?) I've only spoken very 
briefly to one of those four and I'm sure they wouldn't remember such a minor 
disruption in their lofty AW activities. I arrived via the promised stretch limo 
join request next to my always gentlemanly editor. I couldn't help but chuckle 
to myself that if I had been doing this in the Real World, I would have probably 
tripped over the empty champagne bottle on the way out of the limo. Gracefulness 
has never been one of this reporter's strong points so she thanked the VR gods 
for at least the hundredth time for giving us AW. A quick scan of the crowd 
revealed probably the largest concentration of avatars in one place that this 
reporter has ever wanted to be part of. Of course "quick" is relative. Moving 
around quickly in a crowd that large in AW is like trying to swim in honey. The 
chat screen moved quickly so the chatlog took the notes while this reporter 
concentrated on the sights. If you've never seen the ceremony building at 
Trancend it would worth your while to pop in for a quick peek. It looks to be an 
awesome party place! Makes one wonder what could be going on in there between 
award ceremonies. hhmmm... The night flew by quickly in part because of the 
lively telegram traffic (Can you imagine the telegram traffic among the others?) 
keeping this reporter busy. The winners will be listed elsewhere in AAWoS so 
they won't be repeated here. At the risk of starting a gender debate, the 
impression was that the women cleaned up at the winners circle. Of course, 
that's just one person's opinion. As was stated before, the chat screen scrolled 
by in such haste that it was sometimes difficult to follow it closely. The 
closing statements were all too soon in coming and this reporter debated on addi 
ng her own comments to the chat. The statement decided upon went something like 
this: "On behalf of all the end users in AW I would like to thank all of the 
winners tonight for contributing to our continued enjoyment of this most 
intriguing of places on the net, Active Worlds" Hey, I do this for nothing. Ya 
get whatcha pay for! 
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